WELCOME MESSAGE publishes information about our business activities which includes the following:

  • Health & Beauty: Here we inform you about our beauty salon in Midrand - South Africa and feature some of our favorite beauty products and equipment for your daily use.   
  • Bar & Barbecue Grills: In this section we give you information about our bar and grills in Luanda - Angola. Obviously we also take the opportunity to recommend to the visitors of our website the types of bar and grill equipment and materials they might appreciate. 
  • Grocery Store: At this moment we also possess a small grocery store in Luanda - Angola; hence, this part of our website also explains a little about the types of products that are sold at the grocery store. We also highlight a few similar products sold at the grocery store that our visitors can buy directly online at cheap prices. 
  • Basketball Shoes: This website also explores a wide variety of basketball shoes in the world. We cut to the chase giving you a guide to buying basketball shoes. We also talk about famous athlete basketball shoes, basketball shoes for men, women, boys, girls, and kids. Fashion basketball shoes is also an area we tackle to let you know what is in style, whereas we also include pump basketball shoes. To boot, we also show you places where you can get these basketball shoes for cheap and at wholesale prices. 
  • Digital Marketing: Finally we also dive through the process on the strategies that we use to run this business website on the internet. So if you are ever interested to also build your own website and would like to know how not only to have a website but a business that actually generates some cash for you, this section will interest you. 

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