Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies including search engines, content marketing, social media, mobile phones, e-mail marketing, online advertising and any other means of marketing using the world wide web.

This website was built using a system called Solo Build It (SBI!) and we only use the means of digital marketing to make our site viewable to the world. We focus mostly on generating content in this website as our main way to generate traffic through the search engines.

What I like about SBI is that it comes with a suite of built-in software tools tha pretty much guides you through success to build a profitable business online that actually makes money. Here is what it comes with:

  • Action Guide - divided into a 10 Day process. Take it day by day, follow it, and you should end up covering the rest of the tools I cover below to your success.
  • BrainStorm It! - it was was actually the world's first smart brainstormer, niche-picker, and keyword researcher. What it does? If you do not have a website yet, it will give you ideas on what name you should give your website for most profitability. The Brainstorm It! tool will give you ideas on what topics to build your website on that people are actually searching on the internet so that you do not waste time on non-demanding subjects.
  • Domain Name - the system will guide you and register your domain name (website) for you based on what you learn in the Action Guide with the Brainstorm it Tool.
  • Website Hosting - once you have access to the system it also includes hosting your website on the internet. So you don't need to pay anyone else for this.
  • SiteDesigner/BlockBuilder - it offers you over 100 stunning templates to build your website without you having to learn HTML coding. You can code or not. The choice is yours.
  • Analyze It! - will analyse each of your web pages once you build them and offer you recommendations on what you can do to improve its ranking on the search engines.
  • Automatic Search Engine Tracking/Reports - will submit your website to the major search engines automatically and give you reports on when search engine spiders visit each pages.
  • Pay-Per-Click Acceleration - comprehensive pay-per-click traffic-building campaign a snap.
  • Email Newsletter Publishing - allows you to create custom newsletters using the mail builder.
  • Form Build It! - allows you to build contact forms, surveys, polls, and application and collect data easily.
  • Social Button Integration - if you use Twitter, GooglePlus etc. the system will also allow you to easily engage them with a click of the button.

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is the only product in the world that combines site-building, site-hosting and site-marketing. You just need to focus on your business, follow its guide, and the rest will be handle for you.

This website for instance was built and continues to grow on that very basis. We build content, recommend our partner products (we do not even sell anything here), and earn commissions when the visitors of our website, visit their website and purchase their product. It is that simple.

SBI! will allow you to be able to build a professional, popular, and profitable business. If you want to make money online, you should try it.


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