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Wearing Jordan shoes or general basketball shoes with jeans is a classic combination and popular in fashion for over 30 years now. This article focuses on wearing Jordan shoes specifically with black jeans. Here is what we will cover:

  • Choosing Your Jordan Shoes For Black Jeans
  • How To Wear Your Jordan Shoes
  • Choosing Black Jeans To Wear with Your Jordan Shoes

Choosing Your Jordan Shoes For Black Jeans

Jordan shoes are a popular form of casual wear. Depending on what you like or not like you actually have a wide variety of Jordan shoes to choose from to wear with your black jeans from classic, original style, and modern releases. Among Jordan shoes you must be ready to spend good money on them as well because to date they still are one of the most expensive type of basketball shoes available. Here are a few Jordan Shoes with black jeans that go well combined...

How To Wear Your Jordan Shoes

You can wear high or low top Jordan shoes with any black jeans provided that you wear one that match with the jeans. What I mean by that is that if you have narrow feet, and wear narrow basketball shoes, you should match them with tight or skinny jeans. If your feet are wide, and have wider shoes, you have to be selective with either very tight jeans, semi-tight or baggy jeans. You should be careful in your attire though not to look awkward because if you wear skinny jeans with basketball shoes that tend to be bulky/wider on your feet, it just looks terrible on my opinion. Here is an example:

wide jordan shoes with black jeans

Choosing Black Jeans To Wear with Your Jordan Shoes

Well, one of the main things to keep in mind when choosing black jeans to wear with your Jordans is the color-theme. Black goes with almost any color provided you match the color with another clothes you are wearing so you look stylish. For example, you can wear blue Jordan shoes with black jeans and a white t-shirt. But whatever you do, make your Jordan shoes stand out in your clothing. After buying a nice pair of Jordan shoes, you want to make sure attention is pulled to them. So do not wear too many bright colors in your clothing so not to pull attention from your Jordan shoes. You want to make them seen!

Another thing to keep in mind is to tuck your black jeans in your Jordan shoes. Once again the reason is because you really want to show off those shoes.

Final Tips

  • The above set of black jeans and Jordan Shoes pointed above is just an example. As you click through to look at them, you can actually navigate around more to find the particular style you want.
  • Make the Jordan Shoes the centerpiece of your entire outfit
  • Tuck your black jeans in your shoes and don´t let it or anything else overshadow your shoes.

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