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R1 To R6,400 A Day
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How It Works

Details on getting started...

 My name is Agostinho Domingos and I am the Founder and CEO of this website.  

 Just recently I stumbled upon this new form of cryptocurrency called KKBT. 

 I am new in the program so I am not here to promise anyone that you will be making hundreds of thousands of rands every day. 

 Do your own research and invest wisely. Do like I did, start at the FREE VIP0 level where you invest no money and have a chance to sit in the background to see how it all works at first. At this FREE level you do get R40 at sign-up and get a chance to mine R1 every single day. 

 Later on when you feel more comfortable, you can move on up the ladder to invest in any of the other levels depending on your budget such as VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5, SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND or KING and mine up to R6,400 a day at the very last level. 

There is even more, you can invest with them just as you do with banks but the return on investment is much, much higher...

 Deposit any amount above R200, for 7 days and get back 16%. 

 Deposit any amount above R200, for 30 days and get back 90%.

 Deposit any amount above R200, for 90 days and get back 338%.

 Deposit any amount above R200, for 180 days and get back 810%.

 Deposit any amount above R200, for 360 days and get back 1890%.


 Sign-up on this link. As I said, if you are skeptical, don´t invest your money. Just stay at the VIP0 level for a while and sit back to observe everything.

 On August 8th, I am planning to make my first withdrawal from the system to remove all doubts to anyone who is skeptical.

 I will then publish I live video of me making the withdrawal to my bank account to share with people so we can all see it in action.  

 Whether it comes out positive or negative, I will let everyone know the real deal. But let us all hope that it works out as some have already claimed it works. 

 Sign-up through my link here to support me as well: