5 Day Workshop To A Fully Functional Online Business


No Course, Book, Manual, Conference or Virtual Event Will Ever Help 99% of The Population. 

I just realized that the courses, books, manuals, conferences and virtual events that are being offered online can...

ONLY help the Top 1% of the population in the world that are already rich.

If you are not on that top 1%, none of those things will help you!

So the best way I found to help people move from the average 99% of the population into the top 1% of the population that make the big bucks online...

It is for you to attend this "5 Day Workshop To A Fully Functional Online Business" that I just put together. And quite honestly...

I just don't understand why someone who says they are on a journey to help people succeed...

I just don't understand why they do not do something similar to what I am doing!

The hard-facts are that these simple courses, books or whatever that are are being sold online in the masses....those things just don't cut it!

And I can't really tell you that much more in this webpage because it is a secret.

It is a secret that the top 1% of the people keep for themselves so that the group of the elite people in the world are kept to a minimum.

Because let's face it! Not everyone in the world can become rich. 

The world needs the rich, it needs the middle-class, and it also needs poor people.

It may sound harsh for me to write like this, but it is the hard-truth that we all need to face.

So...this secret, I can only reveal to the people who join our 5 Day Workshop. Because the whole point of the Workshop is to move you away from all those lower-classes all the way to the upper-class of the elite & rich people.

But now, there is something very important that I must tell you...

Since this type of revelation is really only supposed to be available for the top 1% of the population in the world...

I am obliged to only ever do 50 of this Workshops in my lifetime...

We're Only Ever Going To Run 50 Workshops Like This One.

You'll Walk-In and Walk-Out at The End of 5 Days With A Fully Functional Online Business That Equips You With A Routine & All of The Tools in Order To Succeed. 

We're Raising The Bar By ONLY Training Just Close To 1.000 People With These 50 Workshops and No More!

And the reason is like I already stated before...This is stuff is ONLY reserved for the Top 1% of the population in the entire world. 


And I am so very proud to announce that this is ONLY happening in South Africa! The one and only country that produced the richest man to ever walk on planet earth - Elon Musk!

So if you are NOT from South Africa or NOT living in South Africa, but would like to participate...

You are just gonna have to travel here because it won't be done in any virtual way.

I am sorry! 

If too many people go through the stuff that we'll uncover in these Workshops, the less effective it will become because everyone will know it. 

So we're am promising you to ONLY ever train as much as 1.000 people and no more! And we'll try to have it all done within the next 2 years because we only take a maximum of 20 people per workshop. And the reason for that is so that we make it most beneficial and effective for the attendees.  

And you must promise us that once you go through it...

You will never ever divulge the information you receive in the Workshop to anyone outside of it.

In this digital age, it is very easy to share the training/information you receive to large amounts of people. This will only hurt you and everyone else who ever pays to be in one of our Workshops. So don't do it! 

We like to think of these Workshops as a small, exclusive club - with no room for anyone else because we want to make money and stay ahead of our competitors! 

After attending the Workshop, you will be automatically entered to the very strict, exclusive club in the form of a private Facebook/Telegram group that is only reserved for people who ever attend our Workshop. 

We can care less about just setting a simple side-hustle business that can be wiped out by the new thing that comes to the block.

Here we talk about things that NOT EVEN even the big giants (in the likes of Google, Facebook and others), can do online!

The price to attend the Workshop increases as the sales volumes builds. The fewer Workshops we have left, the greater the price. We make it as such to make it really difficult for people to attend as we only want to attract very serious business-minded people who are obsessed to succeed. In other words, people that are just a step a way from being in the top 1% of the population. 

Look: The price is already expensive. So if you can afford it, pay for it now, because the next time we host it, the price will definitely be higher.

If you procastinate too much, and keep coming back to to check on this webpage to see if we are still doing the Workshop...

You might find out that the price is too high for your budget or worse yet, that we have depleted giving all of the Workshops, and you will miss out on a lifetime opportunity. 

Here are the Workshop Attendance Requirements...

You must have gone through our FREE "Spreadsheet - Make A Profile of Your Perfect Customer".

 You must have gone through our USD $37 "Spreadsheet - Make A Profile of Your Most Profitable Customer".

 You must bring your laptop & smart phone to the Workshop because as I said before...

This is a Workshop. It is not a a book, course, conference, or virtual event where you just sit and listen to people speak.

If you want to get things done, and move up to the Top 1% of the population, you must come ready to do the things to become a completely different person.

Without this commitment, we'd honestly prefer that you don't spend your money and come to the Workshop just to let it go to waste. 

Here is the next scheduled date of the Workshop, and the current price...

Workshop Date: October 21, 2022 - November 4, 2022

 Current Price: $937

Here is Video Presentation Covering the Entire

Agenda of The 5 Day Workshop...

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More Details About The Workshop Follows Below...

Workshop Booking Deadlines

September 29, 2022 is the last day to pay for this 5 Day Workshop that takes place on October 31, 2022 - November 4, 2022

But if the 18 seats available are gone before September 29, 2022, we'll close registration completely for the Workshop starting on October 31st...

And you'll just have to wait the next time around we organize and schedule another 5 Day Workshop. 

We have to do this to give us time to best prepare for the venue and content for those who came in earlier to book their spot. 

Our top priority is to give you with the best possible experience throughout the Workshop. 

 No Workshop of ours is complete unless you walk out with an actual functional online business.

Tools You Get On The Workshop

 Tool that automatically researches profitable topics for your online business.

 Newsletter e-mail tool.

Complete Site Builder with a bunch of templates.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool.

Automatic Search Engine Submission Tool for Google, Yahoo etc.

 Secure Domain Name / Web Site Hosting.

 Etc. etc.

What Else You Get In The Workshop

 Teak breaks and snacks will be given each day.

 A full lunch meal will be given each day.

 Group / Individual Photo Package to take home.

Full recorded video of the entire Workshop session.

Lifetime access to the Private Facebook/Telegram group reserved ONLY for attendants of the workshop.

 Certificate of Completion.

 Fully-up and running online business that generates a full-time income.

Workshop Location

  Attaché Guest Lodge Health and Beauty Spa

    11 Olifantsfontein Rd, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, 1685

    Tel: +27 11 314 1591

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If you have any questions whatsoever regarding this Workshop, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by using the Whatsapp Chat button on the bottom left-corner of this webpage as it is the fastest way to hear back from us.