Affiliate Videos

No theory here. If you don't have the time or don't know how to create and edit videos, as our affiliate, you can just...

1. Choose a video daily from this list.

2. Post them daily to any of your affiliate networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.

3. Insert your affiliate link (it's better if it's your own website) in the videos description of your social network profile.

4. Keep doing it daily, get a lot of traffic to your affiliate link and start earning huge commissions

Everything starts with your actions, so we've made it simple for our affiliates to suceed...

  1. Part 01: Checklist To Start A Business In Today's Age

  2. Part 02: Checklist To Start A Business In Today's Age

  3. Part 03: Checklist To Start A Business In Today's Age

  4. Confused On Starting A Busines In Today's Age?

  5. Why You Should Consider Selling Digital Products

  6. C.A.T.T.T (Content, Attention, Trust, Traffic, Transaction

  7. The Last Man Standing Will Thrive in The Digital Space

  8. Avoid Duplication (People Are Watching You!)

  9. Your House on The Internet

  10. This Platform Has It's Owner. What Do YOU Own?

  11. You Ned To Also Sweep The Floor on Your House on The Internet

  12. Don't Fall For The Trap! A Funnel Is Just A WebPage On A Website

  13. A Funnel Simply Focuses on Your Most Wnted Response (MWR)

  14. A Good WebHost Should Include FunnelBuilders At No Extra Cost or Hype

  15. The Cheapest Way I Know How To RUn An Online Business

  16. Do The Math! Or Your'll Be Sorried You Didn't

  17. How Do I know I Am Making A Profit? Do The Math!

  18. Sometimes You Must Lose In The Front-End To Earn In The Back-End

  19. Copy The Giants and Translate It To Your Digital Space

  20. Pay Attention To Their Branding, Preselling, Upselling & Back-End Selling

  21. Steal From The Gants Because It's Just Easier To Do It In The Digital Space

  22. Everything is Set-Up, But Something Is Missing

  23. A Million Things Can Happen: So What Do You Do?

  24. How To Get A Visitor To Come Back & Buy

  25. Part 01: Don't Fall Into This Trap or You Will Be Like Tom Who Chases Jerry and Never Ever Catches Him

  26. Part 02: My Chase Continued and Jerry Was Standing Tall on Top of The World

  27. Part 03: There's No Wondering Around. Your Business Is Just Like A Child Who Needs Their Parents' Presence To Avoid Poverty and Crime. Participate in Your Kids Life. Play With Your Kids. Spend Time with Your Kids...

  28. Part 04: Skepticism in The Beginning Bust STILL It Was The Answer To All Our Struggle

  29. This is What Happens When You Actually Show Up...

  30. Part 01: The World Will Leave You Behind - The First Thing You Must Know About This Skit Is That The Excecutive Producers Are No Other Than Former First Lady & President Michelle & Barrack Obama

  31. Part 02: The World Will Leave You Behind - The World Will Leave You behind

  32. Part 03: The World Will Leave You Behind - Are These Deers Protecting or Scaring Humans?

  33. Part 04: The World Will Leave You Behind - Why Is All This REALLY Happening?

  34. Part 05: The World Will Leave You Behind - Begging To Stay Alive??

  35. Part 06: The World Will Leave You Behind - Can't Do Anything Without Them Nowadays

  36. Part 07: The World Will Leave You Behind - Now We Know What's Really Happening

  37. Part 08: The World Will Leave You Behind - Are These Crashes Intended To Start or Prevent A War?

  38. Why Some Succeed While Others Struggle

  39. The Importante of Creating RELATABILITY With Your Audience

  40. Have People Refering You To Their Friends, Family, Business Contacts etc.

  41. Not Everyone Wants You To Know What Placed Them At The Top

  42. There Are Hundreds of Choices. But What Are YOU Going To Do About It?

  43. It's Not What Information or System You Use...

  44. It's Rather Your Engagement With The Info & Tools You Use That Makes All The Difference

  45. Join A Community That Has A Common Goal or Purpose

  46. Don't Just What's Expected. Exceed All Expectations.

  47. t's Sad That 85% of The People Never Really Meet Expectations

  48. Introducing Video Taboo Effects

  49. 8 Steps To Put These Video Templates To Action

  50. Download All Video Templates & Royalty Free Music For Your Videos

  51. Video Templates Come With A 100% Totally FREE Software

  52. It's Not What You Have But Rather What You Do With What You Have

  53. Make The Decision (To Buy or Not To Buy)

  54. We Are Here To Stay

  55. No Matter What...I Am Still Having My Glass of Wine!

  56. It's Not The Strongest, Smartest or "A" Students That Make It

  57. I mean Seriously...Do You Really Think You Can Do What I Do Better Than Me?

  58. Set Your Standards and Expectations High

  59. How To Manifest Your Future

  60. How To Block Negative Energy If You Want To Make It

  61. Knowing Is Not Enough, He Has To See It

  62. Entrepreneurs & Workers Are Two Different People Completely

  63. The 3 Ways In Which Workers & Entrepreneurs Are Different

  64. Entrepreneurs Are Obsessed With Questioning Themselves

  65. Questioning Your Tasks Makes You Better

  66. Provoke Your Mind With Questions (Can Lead To Automating Some Tedious Tasks)

  67. Replacing Yourself To Scale Your Business

  68. The Mind of An Entrepreneurs Runs Very Quickly

  69. It's Only A Matter of Time When The Volume of Work Will Force You To Shift

  70. Do You Accomodate or Start Wondering?

  71. Know When To Hire

  72. The Hard Truth of Life

  73. Sacrifice Something To Grow Something Else

  74. Implement Controls & Develop Procedures For Your Workers To Minimize Risks

  75. Simple Technologies Make Big Differences

  76. Will You Spend $200 To Get $400 or Would You Do It All Yourself To Get The Full $400

  77. Two Ways To Replace Yourself in A Job For Something Higher

  78. Profit From Tasks That No Longer Require Too Much Attention

  79. How To Distance Yourself From The Rest

  80. It's How He Said It

  81. You Lied To Me Frank!

  82. The Cause of The Moment

  83. The Mind of A Champion