SEO Taboo

The SEO Taboo is that which is prohibited that no one wants you to know; therefore, we’ll keep it on the down low among those of us visiting here.

Underneath here is a list of publications on this website of what I like to call the SEO Taboo. It is dedicated to help you succeed in the search engine optimization (SEO) game in a clean manner for your own website and everywhere else you are available on the internet.

Why do I call it the SEO Taboo? Because it is intended to unveil those prohibited or hidden strategies that no one ever wanted you to know. It is the ultimate power behind achieving high SEO rankings. 

I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk and actually practice what I preach. If you Google search this site, you will find us easily and besides, Alexa, which is an authority marketing tool online, also estimates this website amongst the Top 1% sites in the world! I did a brief online presentation about how a back in 2020 regarding what I did to get my site in these top rankings. 

In case, you want to check me out, take a look at this presentation to see what I constantly do to help my site achieve these top rankings, and then come back here.

I must warn you however that these are not the regular SEO tips that you might be used to. That is why I call it the SEO Taboo. They are at a different level. So please let me explain. If you are looking at a step by step guide on 

  • how to write for the search engines or 
  • how and/or what to place in the keyword tags or
  • how many keywords to enter in your tile field of your webpage or youtube title descriptions or 
  • what tools or software to use to assist you or 
  • something of that nature...

...Then you should just join my Mailing List because it is ONLY in there where I will indicate the best how to guides and software tools for that purpose.

But trust me, showing you what to do first, and, next, and last (like a robot who's instructed to just put a brick on top of another brick) is simply just not enough! That is only, what I consider to be, the mechanical side of things, which most people already get! 

The problem with most people is that they use these manuals and software programs just like an average person does. People forget that they have to present themselves in a unique way that is different from anyone else in order to get attention and business!

This is especially important on the internet as there are millions of websites available and there probably is someone out there that has a very similar business to yours. So if you are just like the other, why would people prefer you over that someone else. 

So what I do, for anyone who frequently visits my website is I share "regular" tips on how to develop your thought-process and change your behavior in such a way that sets you above the average person so that you can scale your online business to heights that are unheard of. That is what the SEO Taboo presented herein is all about.

But first things are first. Understand that all articles pertaining to this SEO Taboo connects back to what is rightfully deemed to be your Most Wanted Response (MWR) for your online business. Whatever you do online, you need to identify your MWR, and consistently act towards achieving it everywhere - whether it is on your website, newsletters, social media etc. etc.  

Click here to get a quick overview of what is the Most Wanted Response (MWR) prior to jumping on the below SEO Taboo article series.

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