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Social Media, Digital Billboards & LED Screens
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Video Cover Taboo (Monthly)Video Cover Taboo (Monthly)

Video Cover Taboo is undisputed the World's #1 software of its kind in the market. It's 100% Cloud-Based, allows you to create video covers for your website, social media, digital billboards & LED display screens, and there's nothing that comes even close it! THIS IS IT!

Don't believe us? Just take a look at the other types of cool videos you can create with ease with this software. They are all available inside our FREE CLUB, the Ladilsa Hot Club (

Just check it out because this software makes it REALLY easy. Just a few simple clicks and your videos will be done in minutes! Inside the Club you also get instructions on how to use the software.

Members of this club also get to pay a ONE-TIME PRICE of $77 to use the software FOREVER while those who pay it off directly from this webpage, will pay a MONTHLY fee of $47 to use it. So do yourself a favor by becoming a member of the Club so that you can pay for this world class software ONCE to use it whenever you want.

  • Create Video Covers For Your Website, Social Media, Digital Billboards & LED Display Screens.
  • Showcase Your Products And Services The Moment Your Visitors Come To You.
  • No coding, no Photoshop, no video editing skills required.
  • Put your Video Designers On The Side...You Don't Need Them.
  • As a matter of fact if you are a Designer, Creator, Freelancer, Website Creator, Blogger, Vlogger, ECOM Store Owner, Social Media Agency Owner, Youtube Channel Owner, Affiliate Marketer, Product Creator or just about ANYONE using videos for business...
  • You CAN & SHOULD use this software because ALL it takes is 30 seconds for viewers to look away if your videos are not catchy.
  • Login from anywhere. Click, Drag & Drop stuff around..
  • Create, Edit, Publish and BINGO! Your videos are ready to use.
  • Buy it today at the monthly price of $47 or get smart by becoming a member of the Ladilsa Hot Club (, and pay a one time price of $77 on the inside.
  • THAT'S IT!
Video Cover Taboo (Monthly)Video Cover Taboo (Monthly)