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Increasing Exposure of Businesses By Running...

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads. 
  • Managing Social Media Accounts.
  • Repurposing Content To Other Social Platforms. 

We do this by increasing the number of leads for your business in the most economic manner, which is done by using this specific four-step process...

step 1 data collection ads

We run 15 to 30 variations of ads optimizing for a single cause at a time in one of the following:

  • Get more Whatsapp Messages.
  • Get more Facebook Messages.
  • Get more Website Visitors.
  • Ge more Leads.
  • Boost A Post.
  • Promote A Facebook Business Page

These ad variations are set to test various elements in order to identify the best returns on investments such as different:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Cities
  • Neigborhoods 
  • Mobile Placement
  • Desktop Placement
  • Interests & Behaviors of the type of of people who are most likelly to buy into the products/services of the business at stake. 

Once everything is setup and programmed in the Facebook Ads Manager:

  • We let the ads run and check on their performance every 24 hours.
  • We keep the ads that are performing well, and adjust or kill the ads that are not performing well.

The ads that perform the best, are then gradually increased in ad spend budget to double the positive results, but yet checking on a 24 hour basis as ads do get saturated once people in facebook constantly see them. When this happens, new ads (videos, headlines,copy, videos) need to be developed, and put to the test similar to the descriptions above, and the same process continues.

While all of the above is setup and running, we'll also be doing the basic social media tasks in the frequency of the package chosen such as: 

  • Daily posting existing content.
  • Repurposing existing content to other social media channels.
  • If minimal or no content is available, we can produce them in the form of text, images, or videos.
  • Updating Facebook Business Page's cover photo, profile photos & contact details as required.
  • Replying promptly to any questions/messages incoming on your Facebook Business Page Inbox, and post comments.
  • From the second month running on our services we also implement email marketing, whatsapp marketing, and website data collection.
  • For clients who want to further pursue their marketing efforts, we can also taken on sms marketing, website funnel building, building web surveys & forms for subscriptions and appointments.

step 2 retargeting ads

After about a month of doing STEP 1, we should be able to collect sufficient data from people who have been viewing your ads. When that data reaches 500 or more people in a particular criteria that we are testing, we can then initiate a process called retarget marketing with newly freshed ads specifically to those people that have viewed your ads in STEP 1.

These new ads will somewhat be Part 2 of the ads presented in STEP 1, so that people feel a deeper connection with your business/brand. This way they will sense that you know that they have seen the first ads, and are now following up with them.

In STEP 1 we present the audience with general ads about your business, brand, products and services. Here in STEP 2, we approach the audience with a little deeper insight related to what they have already seen in STEP 1 ads. This makes people feel more acquainted with your brand as they will realize that you care about them, and the likelihood of them buying from you or contracting your services will be much higher because they have already heard of you from STEP 1 ads.  

step 3 lookalike ads

After about 2 months of running ads from STEP 1 and STEP 2, we should have even more data on the kinds of people that are mostly engaging with your business by form of commenting on social posts & ads, LIKING or FOLLOWING your page, and even purchasing your products and services. 

Based on user behavior from the data we acquired at this point, we can now use facebook’s lookalike audience feature which comes with a very sophisticated way of identifying other people inside facebook who have similar interests to those people who are already doing business with you and are positively relating to your business. 

We’ll then run a sequence of ads specifically to those people with similar interest in attempt to also get them aboard to do business with your company.

step 4 repeat business

STEP 4 is designed for people who have already been doing business with your company. Out of everything done in STEPS 1 – 3, we should have acquired a database of customer contacts such as their phone numbers and email addresses. Hence with this information, we create a customized marketing campaign for these people who are now much more acquainted with your business. The goal is to concentrate on these people as they would have appeared to become your loyal followers and customers. 

Here in STEP 4, spending money in ads is usually decreased because we work more with the current customer base by creating special offers, discounts, and VIP treatment that other followers will not get because they would have shown to be the people that will spend the most money with your company. 

What Next?

If needed, please check this link for an overview of our company profile. 

The above 4 step process is very focused and we strive to work closely with companies to scale their businesses at a minimum of 2x or 3x beyond current revenues. Hence, if interested, it is prudent to take your time to go over the Business Scaling Application Form below.

It is the best way for us to analyze the situation, and come up with a specific Marketing Campaign for your business. Without it, we'd rather not engage in business to avoid any dissapointments on any end. Upon submitting the application, you'll actually be booking a call with us, so we can acquire any final details needed prior to proceeding... 

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