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15 Secrets To A Successful Affiliate Program
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What are you selling online? With the exception of select a few products or services, every business should launch an Affiliate Program. It is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to grow any online business. This eBook called the Affiliate Program Taboo reveals the 15 secrets you need to know and implement to make it a success. THIS IS IT! There's nothing else available online that is consolidated in the way this is done to make you succeed.

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bullet points ladilsa.comE-BOOK CONTENTS:
  • Introduction
  • Secret 1: How To Choose An Affiliate Program Software
  • Secret 2: Research Competitor’s Prices
  • Secret 3: Offer quality product and superior customer service
  • Secret 4: Pay Excellent Commissions
  • Secret 5: Set custom commission for high-performing affiliates / Give bonuses and other incentives
  • Secret 6: Offer a temporary increase in commission rates
  • Secret 7: Determine a long cookie expiration period
  • Secret 8: How long will you hold the money?
  • Secret 9: Develop A Working Relationship with Your Affiliates
  • Secret 10: Launch seasonal campaigns
  • Secret 11: Educate your affiliates
  • Secret 12: Invite Your Customers To Become Your Affiliates
  • Secret 13: Do Business With Competitors That Have A Similar But Different Product Than Yours
  • Secret 14: Have a Great Visitor To Sale Conversion Rate
  • Secret 15: Find the “Right” Affiliates That Can Sell Thousands of Dollars of Your Product
  • Final Message
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