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Establishing An Army of Content Across The Web
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Simply Put: Apply The Special Marketing Strategies Revealed in This e-Book Called, The Content Taboo, and soon you'll realize how much of an authority you become within your niche across the world wide web. Look no further because THIS IS IT!

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bullet points ladilsa.comE-BOOK CONTENTS:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: How To Spread Your Content Across The Internet
    • Developing Your Content
    • WriteShoot Formula
    • Checklist Prior To Developing Content for the Web
    • The Formula
    • Everyone is Not on The Same Boat
    • Organizing Your Content in A Shared Drive
  • Chapter 2: Writing Articles
    • Write an Article
    • Write a Short Post
    • Write a Quote Card
  • Chapter 3: Shooting Videos
    • Media Platform Chart
    • 12-15 Minute Video Script That Can Easily Be Converted To Any Length Video
    • Video Script Template
    • Track Every Aspect of the WriteShoot Formula
    • The Challenge of Editing Videos
    • Overcoming The Challenge of Editing Videos
  • Chapter 4: Marketing Your Content Across The Internet
    • Sample Time Table To Post Across The Internet
    • Automating Your Post on Social Media
    • Video Script Template
    • Track Every Aspect of the WriteShoot Formula
    • Transcribing and Translating Your Content
    • Rollout Your Content to all the different platforms
    • Creating Retargeting Ads
    • Creating Multiple Content For Multiple Demographics and Psychographics
    • How To Get 100K Followers Fast
  • Final Thoughts
  • Cost: US $37. TIP: Become a member of the Ladilsa Hot Club & receive a special discount coupon in the amount of $10 and buy it for only $27.