Taboo E-Book Series
5-Pack Bundle
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You Asked, We Delivered: Acquiring the 5-pack bundle from our line of Taboo E-Book Series brings the best savings. Instead of getting each e-book at $37 a piece (or even the 3-pack bundle)... If you buy this 5-pack, we'll bring down the cost of each to $21; hence, bringing your total cost to $105 for the entire 5-pack bundle.

The members of our FREE to join Ladilsa Hot Club get even more discounts because inside the Club, not only do they get to peak inside the 1st Chapters of each of these e-books before they decide to buy, but the price of this pack inside the club is brought even lower to $75 so basically ONLY at $15 a piece.

So do yourself a favor: (1) become a member of the Club (2) read the First Chapters for free (3) buy this 5-pack bundle.

5-Pack Bundle
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5-Pack Bundle