Profile Your Perfect Customer


Designing the type of person whom you'd want to promote your products/services is probably one of the most important things that any business owner should do. But yet, many people forget about it and end up spending all of their efforts trying to put their products/services in front every single person out there they could find. 

That is a big mistake because no one can serve EVERYONE in the planet. it is better to select a specific group of people whom you think will be interested in what you have to sell and then go after those people. 

It might just be a small group of 3.000 people, but if you learn everything about them such as:

 What they like

Who exactly are they

Where they hang out

When are the best times they are online or in places where you can also go to in order to sell them your products/services

Why are they wanting to buy such a product/service in the first place 

If you ask yourself details such as those above about your customer, you're practically creating your perfect customer avatar. It will give you a very clear vision on what they are looking for and the best angle to give it to them.

It is not unusual to get 40%-50% response rates when you target very specific group of people and focus on their needs like these. Imagine marketing to those 3.000 people and having 40% (1.200) of them buy a product from you that costs $30. That is already $36,000!

In the other hand if you are lazy and do not perform adequate research on the people you are trying to sell something to, it could be a larger list in the numbers of say 20.000, but trust me, the response rate will defunct way below 1%. And if you do the math, that would only be 200 responding to the sale of your product/service which is much, much less than the 1.200 example above.  

So rather than just talk about in form of a book or course like many people do out here online, I created this spreadsheet which you can download for FREE to design or Profile Your Perfect Customer. With a few clicks and plugs of information, you will end up with a perfect customer avatar for your business, whatever business that may be. 

Then all, you have to do is in whatever information you publish out there, just always keep in mind that customer profile, and your marketing efforts will be easier, and you'll start to attract much more sales. The spreadsheet is available only to our Ladilsa Hot Club members. It is free to join the club, and once you join the club just look for the Module named "Profile Your Perfect Customer" and in there you will see how to download and use the spreadsheet for your business. 


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