8 Steps To SignUp FREE
(Become Our Basic Affiliate)

Step 1: Sign-Up in the HOTMART platform

Step 2: Go to the Affiliate Market

Step 3: Search for our Product called "Ladilsa Hot Club" with ID 2412088

Step 4: Sign Up To be affiliated to our product (if not already done so)

Step 5: Go to "See promotional links"

Step 6: Go to "Links for affiliates". TIP: Inside our Ladilsa Hot Club there is a Module called Ladilsa Affiliate Program Training. It is dedicated for our affiliates and Part 02 of the Module is a whole video that walks you through the process on how to Sign-Up for the Affiliate Program (just in case these steps are confusing you if you are more of a visual person)

Step 7: Every affiliate link in HOTMART looks something like this: https://go.hotmart.com/XXX where XXX is your own unique affiliate number.

Step 8: For your particular case, depending on which one of our products you want to promote, you should use the specific links that we have already setup for you on our Product List & Promotional Tools Web Page. Everything is there and all you have to do is replace XXX" with your unique affiliate number with the links that we have already placed for you. Do not get confused with all of the links that you will see inside the HOTMART platform to promote any of our products once you login in there. We have already made it straight forward for you in the Product List & Promotional Tools Web Page. Make sure you follow it exactly to make sure that you get the credit to receive the commissions when someone buys.