Befriend Your Enemies (Competitors)
(High SEO Ranking Behind This Strategy)

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Here are the key factors that will teach you how to achieve high SEO rankings by befriending your enemies:
  • Why Befriending Your Enemies Helps Achieve High SEO Rankings

  • The Reason Why This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Srategy is so Good

Why Befriending Your Enemies Helps Achieve High SEO Rankings

Make your enemies your friends. Many times people you thought are originally your competitors (enemies) end up not being because they offer a similar product/service as yours but they might actually still different. In those cases, there can be an opportunity to do business together. Whatever you end up working on together will definitely be released to the public somehow.

Always look for ways in which you can publish such information to the public via your website or other medias to spread the news even further. This will be considered content that only both you and your competitors have because only both of you worked on it, and we all know how well-organized and thorough content achieves high SEO rankings.    

Many times you will find out that your customers are also your competitors’ customers so why not find a way to work together and both profit from it? For example, if you already know that some of your customers also possess products from your competitors, negotiate a deal with your competitor so you can also offer your competitors products to the rest of your client base for a cut (commissions) of the profits. Your competitors will view this positively and in return they might as well offer your products to their client base. 

As you and your perceived enemies work through all of these, don’t just keep this awareness (the deal you are offering to your client-base) about your competitors’ product in-house. 

For example, if you plan to send out an e-mail to your client-base offering a product from your competitor; although you might want to make the deal only available to your client-base, you might still want to publish the e-mail in article-format in your website and Youtube channel for SEO ranking. 

Why? Because other people who are not yet your clients, might find this information and also want-in. What will they have to do to get it? Simple!

They will just have to join your list, and bingo, you win another potential client whom you can also sell your competitors products. You lose nothing, but gain in both ways via SEO rankings and new added client. That is an SEO strategy at work at its best! So keep innovating. 

All of a sudden it becomes a win-win situation. Those whom you thought are your enemies are now your friends and both are profiting from it. Some people may come tell you that you shouldn’t do this but rather you should just find a way to crush and beat your enemies down. 

Your answer to these people could be...

“Well, if I have become friends with my enemies, isn’t that the same as crushing them already?”

The enemy becomes non-existent! 

For those competitors which you cannot find a way to partner because your products are just practically the same, what you should do is check everything they are doing so that you can learn and do what they are doing better. A nasty word to describe this process is…spying on your competitors. 

If you don’t do it, they will probably do it to you. This is called competitive intelligence.

Stay one step ahead of them all the time. Gather information about their operations. You just have to know what they are up to and it is really a very simple thing to do. 

All you have to do is become their customers! Buy the products they sell that are in direct competition to the products you sell. Get on their mailing list to see what they are sending out to their client base. Visit their websites frequently to see what is happening. Whatever you see them doing, plan to do it better!

You might as well find an SEO tactic or content idea they are using that you didn’t think of, for which, you will obviously apply a superior force. 

Listen: Even in a world away from the internet, actions like these are used.

Take Michael Jordan for example. He always took an opponent's (enemy's) trash talk to him to the teeth. He made trash talking his way to get inspired to get back at them hands-down.  

Take for instance this time when Reggie Miller trash talked to him. Watch the video here to see what happened:

The late Kobe Bryant even went further than that. Michael Jordan was his enemy on the basketball court, but yet Kobe called him big brother and Mike called him small brother?!

Go figure! Enemies that became friends and then brothers. Kobe stole all of Michael Jordan’s moves and that created a monster name for himself in the basketball world as well. 

The Reason Why This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy is so Good  

Surrounding yourself by a pack of enemies is good because it allows you to learn from your competitors and do whatever they are doing better.

It allows you to see their power at a close-up level. From all that work, as I have mentioned earlier there will be opportunities for you to see how you can integrate your creations into content for all your online media.

Why is this so good for you? Because it will be content that is so unique in its own format because only you have negotiated whatever deal with your competitors. Who else on the internet will have such unique content to publish? No one!

So that is why I was saying to always look to publish new and fresh content on all your online medias in whatever you are doing (if it makes sense of course). 

A good deal, made with an enemy, who now becomes your friend can all of a sudden produce new SEO friendly content for the public in general.

You might want to joint-produce a publication which will attract even more public at a wide range. You might for example create a Q&A session with the public in general where both of you are available answering questions.

You might choose to interview each other and have that interview published. People will be curious to know what these two big guys in their areas have to say together.   

All of this work can produce some serious heavy load of unique content for the web, which to me can work towards your favor in increasing your search engine rankings.

With that said, we close this chapter today. Stay alert for more upcoming news. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director

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