What I am about to share with you here is really no secret but a simple step process that will surely get you to burn fat and lose all that weight that you always wanted in as little as 90 days.

I must warn you though that it is not easy, as you will need to have lots of dedication and motivation. But before we get started, put it in your mind that to lose weight, you will have to eat less and perform regular exercises, that is, cardio exercise specifically. I hope you paid attention that I did not say anything about strength, endurance, weight or any other form of exercises. All I am talking about is cardio exercise

That is how I did it and had people asking me how I did it for a long time.

Neverthesless to burn fat, I set my mind to a time frame to everything I do to reach my goal. I divided it to 5 steps in which I dedicated a spefic time-frame to it and surely I did burn fat, a lot of it.

Step 1: Set A Time To Wake-Up for exercise

I usually wake up at 5:45 in the morning and by 6:00 sharp I am down to the floor doing cardio exercises, starting obviously with warm up and a cool down at the end. But before I get on the floor, I first heat up about two glasses of warm water to take small zips while I exercise.

The warm water combined with your cardio exercise, will help detox your body quickly and remove any toxins of previous day food that you may have taken more than your body needs. To boot, you can make lemon water instead of just plain water - the effects are greater!

Step 2: Set A Time To Drink Some More and Take A Nutritious Breakfast

After a 40 to 50 minute cardio exercise, I am usually done, and will take another 2 glasses of warm lemoned water. Keep in mind that this is all done before taking anything else into your mouth in the morning. After a  real good exercise, and those warm glasses of water, trust me, if you ate anything more than your body should have taken in previous day, by this time in the morning, it will all go out in the toilet. The burn fat sensation starts you fresh this way every morning, so it is up to you to start off a perfect diet proof day.

My breakfast? Well if you really want to take those kilos off to burn that fat. Do not eat any complex carbohydrates such as cereals, bread or anything of that sort. What I did to burn that fat quick is all I ate was steamed vegetables, salads and/or fruits as carbohydrates. My proteins usually compounded of white meat, fish, eggs (white part only) and the such. That was my breakfast everyday and I surely burned fat.

Step 3: Set A Time To Have Lunch and Dinner

I am a real simple guy and my meals during the days usually consisted of the same types of foods I mentioned above in step 2. During my first week or so with this specific diet, I was dying of hunger and feeling weak. But the best part of our human body is that it adapts quickly. But until it does, you will suffer, feel weak, and will need a strong mind set to keep going. My secret was, whenever hungry, I would drink water over and over. After a week, my body adapted, and the rest was history. I kept going and burned so much fat, people could not believe it.

Step 4: Set A Time to Sleep

Your body needs rest, proper rest to burn fat because you will wear yourself out in a week or so, if you don´t and before you know it, you are weak with no motivation and will stop the routine.

Step 5: Repeat The Above Steps and Choose A Program To Enhance and Keep You More Motivated.

Yes, it is that simple, just follow the steps above and you will burn fat and lose weight. I obviously did go through the specific cardio exercises you can do for best effect, and did not lay out a daily meal plan. If you have time, you can actually search around the internet to find out different exercises to help you burn fat and to also find meal plans.

burn fat program

In the other hand, if you do not have time, and want to cut through the chase, you do not have to go out and pay an expensive trainer to help you. I recommend, you getting yourself a copy of the RIPT90 Program.

The main reason I like this program is because it covers everything you need to know from exercise videos to a nutritions standpoint, and a fitness guide to a full training calendar. This program covers it all removing you the need from going to different sources to find information to burn fat. 

The RIPT90 Program comes with 14 specific workouts and besides losing that weight and burn fat, you will also gain strength, build muscle and take away some serious calories. RIPT90 actually stands for Resistance Interval Plyometric Training and in 90 days or less you won´t believe your body. As you burn fat, you will get stronger, leaner, and sweating while delivering results that will keep you even more motivated to keep going. So get your RIPT90 now.  


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director


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