Keep Things To Yourself: Conceal Your SEO Plans
(Strike At The Right Time)

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What happens when an enemy knows all of your plans? They will copy it and beat you to it. It happens in the online world as well. Everybody has the same Google access to search for information on how do to almost anything.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), everything is at your finger tips. You name it, and you will find it. From keyword research to traffic analysis. From on-page SEO to off-page SEO and everything in between. You can find it.

But it is how you observe and take actions that make the difference. It is never good to open up to your secret plans.

People will copy it and beat you to it. Concealment of your intentions is necessary to achieve success in life and in SEO.

Here are a few topics that I consider extremely important in order to help you on this task:

  • You Need To Be Different

  • Even Denzel Washington Abides By This Rule

  • Morale of This Story

  • Why This SEO Strategy is so Powerful

You Need To Be Different

Everybody can search for and find the same books, tools and software to help them, but not everyone will read and apply these tools in the same way. That is what you keep to yourself. That is what you conceal in alignment to your plans and intentions. 

For example: keyword research is a fundamental part of reaching high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. We all know it and have done it at some point in time. But how many of us actually done it correctly? 

Well, one of the ways to doing it correctly is by learning when to conceal and when to expose your intentions. Let me give you an example.

There was a guy some years back who did all the work. He setup a website, did some keyword research, established a site plan and started building. Within a few months, his site was big and earning him some very good comission checks. The site sold computers and electronic equipment from another company for a cut of the commission.

He did not conceal anything. He was so excited that he decided to publish what he did from beginning to the end. Don't get me wrong, you can still share some information about what you did to be successful. But you also have to learn what is considered public and restricted-information to yourself only! 

This guy told the whole world the details of his plans. He went even further to detail each single day's commission income. Do you know what happened? 

His website no longer exists. He went out of business. Within a few months, there were hundreds of copycat websites just like his. The major problem is that he should have concealed something about his strategy.  

He owned a niche, a market, that wasn't yet tapped upon online, and it offered him some very lucrative gains. There was a huge demand of this kind of stuff on the internet but very low supply. But once he alerted the world, hundreds did it and it then wasn't so easy to profit from it.  

The rules of concealment should prohibit some information out to the public. That is why we don't also open up everything about what we do openly here on articles on this website. We reserve the best for members of our Ladilsa Hot Club. In the club, which you can sign up for free, you will be able to access our eBook on the SEO Taboo, which will reveal a few more techniques similar to these but more advanced. 

Some things are good kept quite, while others are best to restrict-access to closer personnel, while others you should only really keep to yourself.

Some things might want to conceal at some period in time to reveal later but even then you should take caution on how it is exposed.

When you research for keywords for your online business. You can use the same tools everyone uses, but what you discover within, keep it to yourself. 

When you analyze your google analytics, and learn something in particular from why you are getting more hits on a particular webpage than another, implement your personalized plan to duplicate (clone) the success to the other webpages that aren't doing so well. It is not necessary to explain all the details to the whole world.  

When you write articles or post videos on your website and social media networks, don't just do the same stuff everyone else is doing.

Program a never seen item, conceal it to yourself, and release the dragon at the right time.

This way when people actually start to realize what you are doing, you will be one hundred steps ahead. 

Even Denzel Washington Abides By This Rule

Even Denzel Washington abides by this rule. Whether you are online or not, the compilations of these videos prepared will nicely illustrate why it is sometimes good to stay in mystery or concealment for a while until things are right to expose yourself...

Morale of This Story

Who are you? That's what everyone wanted to know in Denzel Washington's Equalizer films. That is exactly the question you should get everyone to ask about you. Keep it concealed until it is the right time to strike. It works in every situation regardless of the field. 

While everybody else is rushing for the brand new thing or new SEO tool available, you sit and watch. When everybody else runs, you walk, and right when it is least expected, strike with a bomb that will leave everybody else out of the water. 

Why This SEO Strategy is so Powerful

When you spend some time alone to reflect on your actions, you will learn that you need to conceal. You will realize what to conceal and what not to conceal. That is why this strategy is so good.

It works anytime, anywhere, and yes, even with your SEO strategy. With that said, we will end this chapter for now. Stay alert for more upcoming news. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director

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