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(Do It Your Self or Hire A Professional Like The Ones At Maine?)

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After reading this article you should be able to get a grasp as to whether you should do it yourself or hire search engine optimization professionals. Both ways should work fine, depending on how you want to go about your business. I personally prefer the do it yourself approach and I will describe why in detail in this article. 

Hiring Professionals

There are several search engine optimization (seo) experts out there. Of the many I have investigated online, I came across the seo experts at main.  

They claim that search engine optimization is not a "one-time" service, but rather an ongoing process, which I agree with them. The process to get quality targeted traffic from the search engines takes time to build and develop. Their services are based on a six-month minimum service agreement where they claim to never have had a client who did not see a substantial increase in traffic and sales.

Something you'll want to consider whether to use the above main search engine optimization folks or do it yourself approach is the amount of money you would send in hiring them or the time it would take for you to do it yourself.  

Some people will tell you that you would rather spend your time doing other things in your business instead of staying continually up-to-date with the search engine algorithms to stay ahead of the game on adjusting your pages accordingly. This type of information is conflicting and contradicting to me. Let me explain why:

You will spend a lot more money using professionals for search engine optimization as opposed to doing it yourself. But if you do it correctly as I explain below in the do it yourself section, you don't really need to worry about how the search engines change their algorithms to stay ahead of the game all the time.

As a matter of fact, the do it yourself approach, I describe below, is actually something you will rather be doing in your business on a frequent basis that will keep your business growing as long as you keep doing it. 

With that said, let us get right into it. 

Do it Yourself

You see, I build and maintain this website by myself. Honestly I do not know a thing about the complex search engine optimization strategies that some professionals say you must always stay up to date with to stay ahead of the game and rank your web pages high in the search engines. I have several web pages on this web site that already rank on the top 10 search results of google and I am just getting started. There are no complex things I need to learn or tricks used to rank high.

All I do is use a system that guides me through the process, and at the end of building or updating each web page, I just click on a button, and the search engine optimization is done for me automatically and it gives me a report in real-time on things I need to remove, add or change to fine tune my web page so it ranks high on the search engines. Here is an example on how this report looks like:     

As you see the things it tells me to do is just plain straight forward stuff. In the example above, it tells me that the file name and page information I chose for the web page are GOOD so there is nothing else to do. However, on my page content it alerts me that I have no outbound links and it recommend things I may or not do as it may affect the search engine optimization rankings. 

Hence that is the way it goes as I build each page and so forth. Nevertheless do not think that right after building one page on your website, you will have that page ranked at the top. It all comes with how you plan the structure of your site and build every page afterwards that will make your overall website effective for optimal search engine optimization. 

In other words, I optimize my website by establishing a main topic for my website in its index page and every single web page afterwards will be related to that main topic. No tricks used with keywords to try to fool the search engines.

With that said, your website content/information should be really useful for anyone that will use a search engine to find your website.

Just think about it: before a website visitor becomes your client, they must first be a search engine client. 

How long do you think a top search result will last if someone performs a search in the search engines about "basketball shoes" and finds for example a website that is about "tennis shoes" instead? 

First of all, the search engine clients will not like it because they search for basketball shoes but find something else. Those search engine clients can report that web page or trust me, the search engines themselves will eventually find out and will readjust that search result sooner or later and your website will go down the search results.

Hence, what I am trying to say with this is that the search engines want quality search results whenever someone searches on a topic, and the site that generally presents the best material about that topic ranks higher and higher. So all you really need to do is build clean and ethical web pages without any tricks. Make your content the best of all.

With that said, tell me. Who is the best person to build content about your website? Is it you or someone you hire to do search engine optimization for you? Do you understand why I prefer the do it yourself approach now?

Remember that with this system that I use, you don't need to learn any complex search engine algorithm. The system does it for you automatically. All you do is concentrate on quality website content about the main topic of your website that you established in the main index page of your website.   

The well designed and content you build for your own website, which no one else can do better than you, will stamp a name on how you conduct your business. It will tell your visitors more about the person behind the website. If the content is one of or the best out there standing out out from the rest, your visitors will like you, and trust you. Hence it will then become easier to sell them a product or service that you have available. 

Now tell me, who will best present content about your business? You or a Search engine optimization professional? I think you get the point. 

In conclusion, I just want to say that I am not the only one doing this today. There are literally several other people out there using this same system. Many of them have made videos of how this system helps them in their business and live the life that they dream of working from home in their own terms without having to report to a boss. 

Click here to sign up FREE and see more stories like mine and get information on the system that we use. These are the strategies we use to live on our own terms and time to make a full-time living from home using these simple do it yourself search engine optimization content building without any complex algorithm. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director

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