Do This To Build Your Credibility Faster Than Others

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Do This To Build Your Credibility Faster Than Others 

One of the greatest ways to build outstanding rapport online is that in whatever you do,whatever you write, whatever post, you publish, or whatever video you record...

...Pull the break and never outshine your master. 

By that I mean...everyone in the world has a mentor, a teacher, a coach or that one person that they look up to and that somewhat guided them towards their success.

Who is that person for you? Or who are these people for you. Your content that you will be building should reflect that information somehow at times. 

It will show people that you are just like them, and that you made it, and that they can make it too!

Real-life stories and struggles does a pretty darn good job of connecting you to people around the world. You want to come out across as a regular person just like the people who are consuming your content. 

You will come out more likeable and believable in whatever you say. Remember that real success never really happens overnight. We may not see it, but the truth is that there is always a lot of effort, hard-work and failures down the road BEFORE success is achieved. 

Everyone is born, and throughout their life they learn things from their parents, teachers, coaches and mentors. Give credit to these people. Describe your story in the content you publish online. 

It is that story that will make you a household name online as well and in ways that may even surpass your master or teacher without you ever trying to dilute or outshine them in any way. 

I remember a few years ago, I was watching an interview by the late Kobe Bryant about how Michael Jordan made him a better player. The level of respect and appreciation that Kobe had for Michael is also what placed him to be one of the top NBA players of all time. 

Keep that thought, keep that approach, and whatever you do in life, whatever you do online, this will automatically translate to your very own success. 

Be appreciative and it will shine across your entire web presence, and your readers and viewers will notice it! 

Never outshine your master. You will shine on your own terms, and might just become a master for someone newer in the game.  

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