How This Teacher Decided To Simply Use Ethical Search Engine Optimization To Get 15,000 Visitors To Her Website Per Day

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Ethical search engine optimization is the good and moral way to work the game into ranking your web pages high in the search engines. 

There really is no special secrets. If you try to use unethical search engine optimization tricks such as spamming the search engines by scattering keywords on your web page, your web pages will go down the ranks. Those optimization tricks worked back in the days, but nowadays the search engines are more sophisticated. 

Elizabeth O'Brian is a lady that started a Grammar Revolution website back in 2008. Likely at the time she came across proper guidance that helped her apply ethical search engine optimization with no tricks. So start she did and never looked back. 

Although I do not recommend people quitting their job before their website is  fine-tuned, with the applied ethical search engine optimization techniques, and earning them a comfortable living for themselves online, Elizabeth still quit her secured job as a Teacher in California earlier than expected.

Elizabeth and her her husband, moved back to their hometown in Minnesota to live in the basement of her parents-in-law house. As she was free at the time, she used as much time as she could in that basement to ethically work, build and optimize her website for the search engines.    

It was hard in the beginning but she knew that her work effort would pay off if she continued to use these plain simple ethical search engine optimization methods because she found out that a friend of a friend was using the exact same strategies and was making about $6000 per month! 

obrians using ethical search engine optimization strategiesDavid & Elizabeth Ethically Optimizing Web Pages For Search Engines

After 5 years consistent projecting and ethically building and optimizing her website for the search engines, it started to give her a full-time income online. Her husband also got excited and quit his own job and they both started to work full-time on the website to continueosly increase its revenue. 

Today Elizabeth's website attracts 15,000 visitors per day and she gets 30-50 people to sign up to her newsletter everyday. That is directly because she practices ethical search engine optimization strategies with no cunning acts, schemes, or tricks. 

The website's revenue allowed the this young couple to have two children and be stay at home parents for their kids. 

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In case you are wondering, I personally use these very same ethical search engine optimization strategies on this website. The results are amazing and may of my pages are showing up quickly and on the top 10 results of google! 

The best part is that all of us that use these same ethical search engine optimization strategies, use a common platform and set of processes, guidance and tools to make us successful. Going at it alone will just be harder, so if you click here to watch these FREE videos and case studies on how to do it, you will get a chance to also build a successful website and business. 


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  Agostinho Domingos

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