How Mcdonald's Presells You Every Day

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how mcdonald's presells you

How McDonald's Presells You Every Day

I search for a tasteful hamburger, I always get it in McDonald's regardless of what country it is. The taste of a Big Mac is the same.

That same taste that I loved from the first day I ever tasted it. They never change the taste. They keep it just like I like it.

That taste is what I look forward to whenever I think of eating a hamburger. MacDonald's hamburgers are always the first that come to my mind.

The smell of the hamburgers and the potato chips warmed me up and welcomed me to buy it the first time I ever tasted it, whenever that was (perhaps some 20 years ago).

Until this day it is so hot that I keep going back for more hamburgers at least once a month. I just don't do it more often because now I must follow a strict diet.

McDonald's doesn't call me or email every month reminding me to go back and eat another burger. They don't have to because they presold me well the first time around and keep preselling me every time I think about them because their food is standardized in taste just like I like it.

They feed me exactly what I want.

What's the moral of this story? Do the same with your online business. Give your visitors EXACTLY what they want. This way, the first time they ever come across your website, you will establish a good impression.

Give them what they asked or searched for online. Do not deviate from it.

That is why it is important to perform keyword research of what people are procuring online. 

Don't guess it. Do your homework to find out and then deliver EXACTLY what people ask or are searching for online. 

Business online is a bit different, as that of in the offline world. McDonal'ds business succeeds based on LOCATION. Your online business will succeed based on how well you deliver the INFORMATION that people are seeking.

The best part however is that doing business online is much less risky than doing business in the offline world. 

Online you don't need much capital to start. You don't need to spend on construction. You don't need to purchase or rent expensive property. As a matter of fact doing business online is pretty much everything under your control

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