How To Increase Your SEO Rankings By Making Yourself Scarce
(Gain Respect & Become As If You Are Limited Edition)

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The bullet points below will explain why I think that by making yourself scarce or rarely seen from time to time, it can actually help increase your Search Engine (SEO) rankings.
  • Branding Makes You Scarce and Controls Your SEO Rankings

  • The Hide and Seek Strategy

  • Your Admiration Helps Your SEO Rankings

  • What Denzel Washington Says About Scarcity

  • Why This Strategy is Important

Branding Makes You Scarce and Controls Your SEO Rankings

You have to brand yourself in such a way that when people think about you, they always have in mind that one thing you always dreamed of. What is that one thing about you, about your name, your business name, your symbol that you want to impose on people's mind? Think about it hard. Make it distinct from anybody else that is in direct competition with your business. 

One of the best examples, I can give about this that is related to the topic of SEO is Google. You see, Google is a website where people go "search". People search to find information they want on other websites. Searching for information is what Google is all about. They have practically imposed the word "search" on people's minds that people have even replaced the word search in their vocabulary that they are now using the word Google to define search. 

If you go to a dictionary and look up the word "search", you will see the definition to "find something".  The word Google didn't even exist prior to them, but they have practically harvested the word search and made it their own! They have even added the word Google in the dictionary with the same definition of search. Now that is what you call Branding!

When people think of search, they naturally think of Google, and don't even use the word search anymore. I remember once, I asked my daughter for something (I can't really remember what it was), but her response to me was, "Just Google it Daddy". What a way to conquer a word and an image for themselves.  

You can't just sporadically use a name today and another name tomorrow to promote your business. You need to stay on a pattern. You need to decide if you are going to use your personal name or the name of your company. My name is Agostinho Domingos but I am not a fan of promoting my name so I decided to go with the name I created for my company which is Ladilsa. So everywhere I go I try my best to put-front the name Ladilsa as the presenter of my product, my brand, my trademark. 

When people think of Ladilsa, I want them to think that we are an online business. I want them to think that we offer tips and products to help anyone starting a business online specializing in SEO rankings and everything in between of that nature. That is what I want to impose on people's brain about Ladilsa. 

Your brand must be unique to you and it is much easier to control that ranking right at the top of the search engines. Yes, if it is a name that no one knows, in the beginning, you will be all alone at the top of the rankings with no content because no one knows you. But after you build content on your website, different social media sources, and everywhere else you could think of on the internet, and always carrying that same brand name for yourself, people will start to recognize the name.

They will start to see that this name is on different platforms. If one day, someone comes across your content that they liked, they might not necessarily have the time to continue reading and learning more about you on that day. Maybe they close their phone or PC to continue on the next day. What happens if the next day, they do not remember exactly where they came across that content of yours? Say they can't remember if they saw it on a website, facebook or youtube, but all they can remember is your particular name or brand?

Do you see the power in branding? If all they could remember is your catchy brand name, they could just go to Google and search it, and if you did your job correctly, you will easily come up. If you also went all out and occupied your brand name in the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. etc., they could also find you there easily.  

The Hide and Seek Strategy

Everything in the world depends on absence and presence. A strong presence online by manipulating all of the important keywords to yourself will definitely draw power and attention to you. But too much of it will make you a habit in th eyes of the people. You must know when it is enough or when you should step away from the scene for a while. 

The longer you hang-around, your value degrades. No matter how hard you try to be different, people will still pay less and less attention to you. When it comes to search engine rankings, all I can say here is make your selection of keywords carefully. The only other thing, I can add in this section is to choose your keywords wisely. Don't over do it to a point where you will be ranking for keywords that aren't really necessary increasing your bottom line. 

Your Admiration Helps Your SEO Rankings

If you are admired, it's probably because you have qualities that are rare or scarce. Obviously some people can have some bad qualities or habits that are also scarce. But it's not the people or companies that have the bad habits that I am talking about.

I am refering to those people that have excellent scarce qualities and habits. These good qualities they possess is what makes others like, admire and respect them.  

If you think about it, how many people are really making the big bucks from the internet? Is it the majority or the minority? Most people do not make money, some just make enough to get by, and a very few make the millions. The ones making the millions are scarce and that is what makes them interesting to the population. 

Let us take a stand-down and run through an example to analyze what you can do to reach these heights and actually improve your search engine rankings by getting people to do it for you. 

Let's say you are in the business of selling motorcycles. Instead of just uploading your product list of the motorcyles that you sell online, and stocking person after person to go buy your products, you do something different.Instead, you decide to:

  • Write a blog offering tips about motorcyles that would probably interest people who own motorcycles.
  • Say you write about motorcycle quick self home repair tips. You offer lots of information about it in your blog. 
  • You offer suggestions on frequency of motorcycles maintenance to avoid expensive repairs.
  • You talk about some really nice maintenance kit you have used and explain, what you liked about it.
  • You write about tires, rims, lights etc. etc. etc.
  • Perhaps you write a 20-page PDF manual on your top 10 things to watch out for to avoid heavy and expensive repairs. 
  • You decide to offer this manual for FREE to whomever exchanges it for you to have their e-mail address.
  • Every month, you send them an email offering even more invaluable tips not available at the website. 
  • Besides doing all this, you also decide to upload some real nice photos and video test drives of your motorcycle in your youtube channel, facebook and other major social media sites. 
  • You open up an affiliate program where you will pay someone a commission of 30% for every motorcycle they help you sell. 
  • Etc. etc. etc.  

If you continuously, do all of the above in comparison to someone who is just worried about chasing people after people to sell them a motorcycle and doing nothing else. What is the perception that the public will have about you in comparison to that other person? Do you remember when we discussed branding above? A brand well implemented with consistent set of content similar to what I explained above, will get people to start talking about you, and wanting to know more about you. 

People will start to engage with you and enter comments on the photos and videos and things you write about. You will become a name for the motorcycle industry on the internet. Some people will be interested to help you sell a motorcycle for a commission, so you will also start to get other websites linking to your websites with their affiliate links. Besides, some people, might just find whatever you are sharing to be good stuff so they might just naturally link to your website without even telling you. 

Your website will gain popularity in Google's eyes, as its indexing robots will start to see several sites linking to you. Because of the content you publish online, you will be invited to write articles on other people's blogs and websites. Sometimes, you pay, sometimes you won't pay to write articles, and it is a good opportunity for you to expand your brand even more.

All of this...increases your search engine rankings as you will be then deemed an authority site on your niche. You will gain popularity and people will respect, and honor you. I hope you can now understand where I am coming from with all this discussion.

They really are secrets that you won't find around unless you put some real-self thought behind them. The members of our Ladilsa Hot Club, get much more stuff than what I am sharing here in this article. Inside there is a suite of products I called Taboo Products because they really are scarce (actually not found anywhere else). It is the kind of stuff that the big guys hide or prohibit from the major population just so they are the only ones benefiting and making the big bucks online. But this type of secrets are now reserved for people who sign up on our club for free to become a member. 

With all these things you do, you must still be able to know when and how to get admiration through scarcity. What I mean by this is that you shouldn't allow people to treat you like they treat everybody else or you will be swallowed and digested by the people. 

For example, if you see too much motorcycle sellers in Facebook, doing similar things to you, and maybe they are newer than you in the market, walk away for a while. People who already know you longer, will naturally pay more attention to the new comers for a while. People are like that, they like to have a taste of new things to compare stuff. So no matter what you do, people will just be looking else where for a while.

Give them that chance, and walk away for a moment. Force people to respect you by...

Creating a pattern of presence and absence.

Focus on your website, another platform or something else for a while, but always keeping in mind and planning for a major comeback in Facebook with something different and bigger. 

Make people wonder about you. Make them say,

"Where is he?" to "Here he is again!"

As a matter of fact, let us see...

What Denzel Washington Says About Scarcity

During an interview with Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington talks about the importance of staying away for a while. Although he mentions it being particular important for movie actors, it really applies on a global scale. Just take a brief look at what he said...

Why This Strategy is Important

If you say, you are going to do something, take it to the bank and do it. Don't let people down. But learn when to walk away. You want to keep some mystery about you, and keep things quite sometimes to build up for your next project.

What happens when people die? All sorts of people from everywhere normally show up. All of a sudden you get an instant aura of respect. Yes, people will remember the good and bad you had done, but ultimately they will still miss your presence because they know it is something that will never return. 

I am not saying that you should plan your death earlier, however, just trying to bring a point that if you would be returning, the impact would be tremendous!

So create a pattern of going away for a while and then coming back stronger.

Think of the things you are doing specifically. What are you doing, and how are you doing it? Is anybody else doing what you are doing? What can you do differently to make a big impact? Walk away and put some big thought into it and then come back strong, and your business attraction will probably inscrease tenfold.  You will attract heavy audiences, new people, new websites talking about you.

Think very hard about this and don't ever let go.

Make people experience your absence, a terrible absence that will thirst them for more of you later which is when you will explode back. 

With that said, I close the chapter today until we meet again here. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director

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