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Although the title of this article is men clothing and how to wear them with basketball shoes, it can however apply for women as well. Nowadays you don't even have to play basketball to wear a nice pair of basketball shoes. Afterall, good basketball shoes that are durable and can quite often be expensive, so you should take full advantage and wear them with the women or men clothing that fits the purpose. 

In this article we will cover the following in detail:

  • How To Choose Basketball Shoes with Your Clothing
  • How To Wear Basketball Shoes with Pants
  • How To Wear Basketball Shoes with Shorts (and what socks to use)
  • Keep A Good Color Combination
  • Show Off Your Basketball Shoes 
  • Old Fashioned Basketball Shoes

But prior to taking a closer look at each of those points above on learning how to best select your women or men clothing with basketball shoes, spend some time to browse through our partner website to see the many different varieties of basketball shoes out there that you can choose from:

There are some basketball shoes like the Air Jordan's and others that have really distinguished themselves from the market with their immaculate quality, uniqueness, and style. With that said, let's get into it aiming for you to be the best dressed person in any event.

How To Choose Basketball Shoes with Your Clothing

Wearing basketball shoes with the appropriate women or men clothing can bring a savvy fashion statement. There are however some fashion rules you should follow in order to have your day to day women or men clothing incorporate well with your basketball shoes. 

For example, if your basketball shoes are flashy containing very stand-out colors, and with a lot of detail, it would be safer to wear them with women or men clothing that somehow match the shoes. Color Scheme is everything so you look good; otherwise, if you just throw in any clothing without proper selection, you might just look like a clown. 

How To Wear Basketball Shoes with Pants

Jeans are some of people's favorite type of clothing whether it be women or men. Jeans can give you a smart look when it is worn with the proper style and shoe, and basketball shoes are a darn good choice for the job. After all, only someone that has been living under a rock wouldn't have heard of the world renowned Air Jordan's or some other famous kicks.  You can wear your women or men clothing with a well fitting pair of slim jeans. You can however wear basketball shoes with other types of pants for your casual outgoing. However I think it is not a good idea to wear basketball shoes at a formal event. 

How To Wear Basketball Shoes with Shorts (and what socks to use)

Personally, a nice pair of shorts go best with low top basketball shoes. Hence, when wearing low top basketball shoes, it is a good idea to use a low cut neutral pair of socks that fit around your ankles. But whatever you do, make sure you get your basketball shoes to stand-out as opposed to your goofy socks. Cargo shorts are the best type of shorts to pair with your basketball shoes as seen here: 

Cargo shorts will naturally give a much more mature feeling than just a normal pair of sport shorts. As with your socks, you do not want your shorts to overshadow your basketball shoes. Be sure to always have your basketball shoes be the centerpiece of what you are wearing.  

Keep A Good Color Combination

As basketball shoes have different kinds of patterns and colors, you may think to match your color women or men clothing attire with it. But do not be too keened to match every color in your basketball shoes with your clothing, one or two colors in your shoes with a color match in your clothing will do the trick. Just be sure to have the color scheme among the clothes and shoes go hand-in-hand so you are not too colorful yet remaining fashionable.

Show Off Your Basketball Shoes 

I refer to this several times above in this article into that you should make your basketball shoes stand out. Once again, the basketball shoes are the centerpiece of your clothing attire, so show those expensive basketball shoes off! Try different colors of basketball shoes, see what fits best with your clothing, and you will have a stylish look.  

Old Fashioned Basketball Shoes

Old is gold. Le's admit the fact that there are many old items that no modern design or style could build today. That is why you often see people wearing old fashioned clothing, shoes or whatever in modern days today. For example, how would a modern, tight, black jeans look in the 1985 Air Jordan's 1? You be the judge. 


To look casual in your women or men clothing with basketball shoes, you have to know the style and trick.  You can’t just go for any style or any look with any shoe without any information. This article established the ground for you to get started. Digest the information, pick your clothing and shoes that fit your outgoing purpose, and go looking stylish like never before.


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  Agostinho Domingos

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