The Single Most Important Thing To Rising Any Business on The Internet

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The Single Most Important Thing To Rising Any Business on The Internet

The single most important thing that must be done to rise and lift any business from the ground up to success on the internet is TRAFFIC. 

You can have the best product in the world, but no TRAFFIC means no business. But many people do not know how to do it right. Many times people end up burning lots of their money by paying for ads in these social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and the such at first go without first doing their homework about their business line. 

Doing your homework first before you go all out spending your hard earned dollars will save you a lot of pain and money and eventually give you a lot more profits in the long-run. So what homework exactly am I talking about here? Well, it is called KEYWORD RESEARCH. 

Believe it or not. Keyword Research is the single most important thing you must do to get any business successful online. Some people may disagree with me and that is perfectly fine. But please, give me a minute to explain why, and what exactly do I mean by KEYWORD RESEARCH. 

I know some of the big names on internet today say that you can practically sell anything online nowadays. That is true but consider this...

It takes anyone just about the same time to build a successful business as it takes to build an unsuccessful business. I guess what I am trying to say here is that if you do things correctly from the start, your earnings will be much higher per every hour you invest. 

In order to clarify this further, let me give you an example...

Let's just say you are a satellite dish installer and that is basically what you do. How can you take what you do online and make significant profits much higher than you have ever imagined?  

Well, when I say perform KEYWORD RESEARCH, what I really mean is that after a careful analysis of your business line using some cool techniques which I will share with you in a while, you might just discover that: 

1) People don't actually search that much online for satellite dish installers, but instead...

2) They search more for something related to satellite dish installers such as for example: 

   (a) sale of coaxial cable. 

   (b) sale of satellite dish decoders. 

   (c) sale of LNBs for antennas.

   (d) sale of remote controls for decoders.

   (e) etc. etc. 

The only way to know the what is true and false on the above scenarios is to actually perform in-depth KEYWORD RESEARCH. 

The above example, basically elightens you that there is plenty of room for more than one business in any particular niche on the internet. But say for instance that after some research, you find out that for example point (b) for example is by far the most searched subject that people are searching for online. Say for instance that every month, you find out that 3000 people are searching for "satellite dish decoders", and only say 150 people are looking for say "satellite dishes" while the other points do not get that much atention online. 

Which one do you think you should mostly direct your business towards to gain more profit? Obviously it will be the point (b) on the sale of dish decoder because you just found out that 3000 people are searching about it online every month; therefore, you are most likely to get a handful of people buying it from your if you decide to sell it. 

So even if your job is to just to "install satellite dishes", you might want to start selling these "dish decoders" on the side from your main business to to further increase your earnings. 

But in order to know exactly which of these niches pull in the best profits online, you need to perform very good and careful keyword researches. It is also the best way to go about doing business online in the most economical way rather than just burning a lot of money in advertising at first go.You can do the advertising, but it is much more effective and economic to learn more about your business first. Learn which ones are the most profitable niches and tailor your business to accomodate those which will directly increase your bottom line.

For example, if you login into our Ladilsa Hot Club, and access our SEO Taboo course, you will see how you can easily perform these keyword researches by navigating over hundreds of sites in the world in a matter of minutes, and by using over 200 bots that pull in all the data automatically for you and present it to you with the best possible niches you should consider focusing on for your line of business - whatever line of business that might be. 

It is literally like having over 200 people at the same time going out on a daily basis on the internet researching for the best keywords for your specific business.  

This type of information, we obviously reserve for members of ou Ladilsa Hot Club, so if you are not in there yet, go ahead, join us for FREE in the club and start learning and finding out the best ways and direction in which you can take your business towards. 

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