Identify Your Most Wanted Response (MWR)

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Identify Your Most Wanted Response (MWR)

This is a very simple website but a very effective one for what it is intended to do, and that is the first thing I want you to start thinking on this SEO Taboo. It does you no good if you rank high in the search engines but you never really achieve your purpose.

What is the purpose of your website? What is the single thing you want the visitors of your website to mostly accomplish? What is your Most Wanted Response (MWR) from your visitors? Maybe you have:  

  • A hair salon and your MWR is for your visitors to book an appointment with you.
  • A restaurant and your MWR is for your visitors to order a takeaway from your website.
  • An online store that sells a variety of electronic equipment and your MWR is for your visitors to order any electronic equipment.  

Do not dilute your MWR with a bunch of useless things on your website that you just decided to put in there to make it look nice. There is no nice in having a successful business on the internet. It is all about getting results, and if you start adding a bunch of useless links on your website to other resources away from your MWR, you might as well close your business down because you will get traffic using the strategies I discuss in this SEO Taboo but you will be disappointed because you will not understand why you get traffic and are not achieving your MWR.

The series of this SEO Taboo is all about focusing on your MWR, so always keep that in mind no matter what. While we are at it, let me tell you that my MWR for this webpage is for you to stay informed about news and interesting information that come up on this website about the SEO Taboo and other related information. 

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BONUS: If you decide right now to watch the videos as per above instructions, I will also send you a FREE digital copy of the course that got me started on the internet. I bought this course for $197 back in the early days of the internet. The name of the course is "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" authored by Corey Rudl. Unfortunately Corey died in a tragic car accident and the people who took over his company just couldn't keep up with his methods. Nevertheless, Corey was one of the first people around that made it big on the internet in the 90's.  He was extremely successful and his various businesses online used to pull in millions of dollars online annually.

Many may say that this course is out of date, but what I like in particular about it is that you can still go back to it and still find many things that he taught back then that are STILL the same things people teach over and over today. Things such as the importance of:

  • Finding niche products for multiple streams of income.
  • Building your own product.
  • Finding good affiliate programs.
  • Developing a strong salescopy.
  • Building an opt-in list.
  • Attracting targeted traffic through the search engines and advertising etc. etc.

Those concepts are still the same marketing fundamentals for any business success. The only difference today are the tools, software and modern sites (i.e Facebook, Instagram etc.) that become available to help you on that journey.

But the concept remains the same, and if people continue to preach what he taught back then, then there must be something good about the course. All you have to do is apply it to todays online world. 

Now that you know what is your MWR, close this page down and continue reading what you were reading. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director