Identify Your Most Wanted Response (MWR)
most wanted response

Identify Your Most Wanted Response (MWR)

This is a very simple website but a very effective one for what it is intended to do. It does you no good if you rank high in the search engines but you never really achieve your purpose.

What is the purpose of your website? What is the single thing you most want the visitors of your website to accomplish? What is your Most Wanted Response (MWR) from your visitors? Maybe you have:  

  • A hair salon and your MWR is for your visitors to book an appointment with you.
  • A restaurant and your MWR is for your visitors to order a takeaway from your website.
  • An online store that sells a variety of electronic equipment and your MWR is for your visitors to order any electronic equipment.  

Do not dilute your MWR with a bunch of useless things on your website that you just decided to put in there to make it look nice. There is no nice in having a successful business on the internet.

It is all about getting results, and if you start adding a bunch of useless links on your website to other resources away from your MWR, you might as well close your business down because you WILL get traffic (if you use the strategies I discuss here), but it will all go to waste and you will be disappointed because you will not understand why you get traffic and are not achieving your MWR.

While we are at it, let me tell you that my MWR for this entire website is to keep you informed on the latest and most effective ways to lift and run any business on the internet. You can explore around in our Digital Marketing section on the top navigation bar for tips and techniques, but ultimately you should become a member of our Ladilsa Hot Club because it is in there where we expand upon our most guarded secrets. We only keep those inside the club. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director