The Payment That Made My Business Twofold
(The Importance of Making Payments To Get Paid)

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I am from Angola, Africa and our internet service providers here quite often face challenges to offer us adequate internet services. It's been months that I have been struggling with my TVCABO Internet Service provider. It's been good to surf the internet, but terrible to make any video calls, attend any online video courses and the such. I would call them numerous times to complain about the situation and they would troubleshoot the problem from their end by remotely resetting my account, asking me to reboot my modem, routers and unplug and plug back on my power and fiber cables. 

After a few minutes of of troubleshooting, my internet seemed OK, and would work fine for a day or two but then go back to not working anymore. I was suffering because I couldn't do my work as I wanted to. The issue persisted for about 3 months until one day...

...I happened to be moving things around the house after some renovations been done in my house and my living room was to be changed across another end where it required rewiring of my internet cable from the public area all the way to my new living room in the house. So I called my TVCABO internet service provider again and told them about the change. They said that rewiring and changing my internet connections at home is like installing a new service; hence, they needed to send a technician onsite and charged me $100 on my account. 

Within 24 hours they were onsite to make the change and it took them about 1 hour to complete the work. Everything was done, they went home but my problem of having frequent pitfalls on my internet service unabling me to do video calls persisted. What the onsite technician did (while he was working at my house) that he didn't tell me is that he opened a ticket request internally within his company to resolve a separate issue. 

This other issue was for a request for his company to purchase some new set of cabling that was in the public area inside one of their boxes that distributed internet to several houses in my area. The existing cabling appeared to be deteriorating and within time it would effect the entire internet connection in the neighborhood. 

What is the moral of this story?

I had to pay $100 to have them come onsite to realize the problem that was happening with my internet connection.

They had to pay $100 for new sets of cabling from their cable provider.

Their cable provider had no stockings of the cable needed in their nearest shop so they needed to pay $100 for transportation services to go collect the needed cabling in their offsite warehouse which was about 200 kilometers away.

Within 48 hours my internet service provider eventually received the cables and replaced the cable in my area. Needless to say that it was that same cable that was deteriorating that was causing the problems with my video calls. I know that because they called me a day later to apologize for all the trouble I had to go through in the past 3 months. 

Since I was continuosly complaining they credited my account with $100 for all the trouble that I went through. 

Do you understand what just happened here? You can consider that the same $100 I initially paid, was used to acquire new cables which then, paid for transportation services, and end-up being paid back to me. That same $100.    

I guess what I am trying to say here is that it is important to pay for things for the world to go round. It's true that my internet service provider should have done their job better in finding the root cause of the problem. However this world is not perfect!

In this particular case, I wasn't being stingy or cheapskate with my money because I was just complaining for a service that wasn't working well. 

I guess I was lucky enough to have needed a change of location in my service to my new living room that allowed them to pinpoint the internet problem in the area.  

But quite often we are caught in situations where we really need to spend money to make money, but we do not spend it because we think we are saving money where in reality we could be hurting our business. 

Remember this, if you have the number zero and multiply it by zero, the answer will always be zero. If success came at no cost, everybody would be a millionaraire. 

What would $100 buy you if you can spend it? Let's say you have $100 and they give you two options:

Option 1: Buy an e-book that will show you everything from A-Z that you need to do to build a successful business on the internet. 

Option 2: Save that $100 and you would rather spend the time researching in Google on how to build a successful business on the internet.  

With the e-book, you could read it in one week and then start implementing the strategies right after.  

By researching in Google, you can find stuff. But you will be tempted to find another view from someone else and then another and another. You will try different views, different ways, different strategies. The end-result will probably be the same as in purchasing the e-book but... 

The guy that gets the e-book makes it in 6 months while the other guy makes it in 3 years. Which one will you choose? That's the question, I want you to answer in your own minds. 

In this world, you get what you pay for or what you don't pay for. I want you to spend on the right tools, software and e-books to get an edge on the rest of the world. Don't take this lightly. Within 6 months you could be moving a step higher in your life or wait 3 years to get it. My upcoming e-book which is about to be released soon will spill the beans so that you can accelerate your success. It won't even cost you $100. As a matter of fact, I am not even planning to sell it. I am going to offer it FREE world-wide.

There is a catch though, which is what this article is all about. Nothing really comes free in this world. I pay for my internet connection, I paid for the laptop which I am using now to write this for you. I paid for the coffee I am drinking now (do you see me here on the photo?).

But OK, I get it, I didn't pay for the cup in which I am drinking this cofee. It was a gift from my son. He didn't pay for it either but someone did! Maybe my wife, I don't know! But what you need to know is that someone paid for it. You can get the e-book FREE, but I am not going to lie to you because within the e-book, I will tell you what I use, what tools and software programs I use. Some are free and some you have to pay for. I will tell you what strategies I use, and what I focus on first and what I focus on last. There are other e-books I mention as well that also advances a particular strategy that is just not within the scope of the FREE e-book.

This is however my way to allow you to get to know me. To know and learn how I write, how I think, and how I do things. If you like, believe and purchase my products and my recommended products, you can follow me for the rest of your life and I will be there for further guidance free of charge for ever until you succeed. All I ask is that you really show me that you really work on my strategies.   

The e-book isn't out yet but for those of you who would be interested, I will be delivering this FREE e-book via Whatsapp during the early stages of the launch.

Please write in the Facebook Comments Plugin right at the bottom of this webpage, "I want", and I will contact you via Facebook Messenger in private on how to get a hold of the e-book when it is out. 


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director

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