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Swedish massage is the most popular therapeutic massage. As you might imagine there are several types of massages from which you can choose from, and although the swedish massage is the most popular it may or not be the type of massage you may be needing at a specific moment.

Here we list the main benefits of a swedish massage so that you can make an educated decision on whether it is the right type of massage for you:

  • muscle relaxation
  • increased oxygen in your blood facilitating its circulation
  • decrease muscle toxins
  • ease tension
  • reduce stress
  • improved immune system
  • pain relief
  • complementary alternative medicine

Let´s take a closer look at each benefit of a swedish massage.

Ease tension, relax your muscles, and decrease muscle toxins

Some people jobs might require them to lift and push heavy things that may or not strain their muscles causing tensions.  Through Swedish massage, muscle tension is eased, providing you with overall physical relaxation, which can, in turn, lead to mental and emotional relaxation.

Increased oxygen in your blood facilitating its circulation

The swedish therapist normally performs long, stroking motion in the direction of blood towards the heart in order to open up blood vessels and increase your blood circulation. This will get more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and will help your body remove toxins more quickly and efficiently. In general, it will make you feel better, improves overall health and will make your other organs work more effectively.

Reduced stress

The combination of the hands-on attention and the environment through a swedish massage should relax you, lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Lowering your stress level offers a surprising number of additional benefits, including reducing or eliminating tension headaches, giving you more energy, and allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

Improved immune system

A swedish massage allows your immune system to grow stronger, meaning that you’re less likely to get sick.

Pain relief

Swedish massage is particularly good for personnel suffering from sciatica, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain. Your massage therapist should be informed of your pain points so that they can target those areas specifically and use a stroking motion to improve local circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Complementary alternative medicine

Studies have revealed that people who experience swedish massage for about 45 minutes have had significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as arginine vasopressin-a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol. Some have reported increases in the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are part of the immune system, and a boost in the immune cells that may help fight colds and the flu.

Among these benefits swedish massage will also have a positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional aspects as well.

How is a swedish massage performed?

During a swedish massage, you should be placed on a massage table whereas you will be spending the next 60 - 120 minutes while a professional performs their duty. It is performed by lubricating the skin with massage oil followed by various strokes that warm up and work the muscle tissue.

Additional Swedish massage techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching. Before and during your Swedish massage session, communication is encouraged with your professional massage therapist so that your massage is customized to your specific needs.

seat cushion swedish massager

Obviously, here we focused specifically on the swedish massage. If you think however that it is not for you, take a look at our massages page where we focus on various types of massage so that you can see if one of them fits your need.

If you are also pressed on time and want to have something handy right at the comfort of your own home without the need to go to a Salon, you can purchase yourself this Seat Cushion Vibration Massager which focuses on your upper back, mid back, lower back and thighs. It also includes soothing lumbar heat and has an ergo hand control which can personalize your massages in 5 zones, 8 intensity levels, and 5 modes. 

On the other hand if you happen to be near us and want to book yourself a massage, please go to our Beauty Salon dedicated webpage to view all of our services.


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  Agostinho Domingos

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