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Waxing is a process performed to remove your hair from the root, which will allow its waxed area not to grow hair back for about 4-6 weeks. That however depends on how hairy you are and how fast your hair grow, but it is almost definite that for 2 weeks you should be free of hair. Almost any area of the body can be waxed including eyebrows, face, pubic hair (bikini waxing), legs, arms, abdomen, knuckles, and feet.

For those that undergo waxing, they know it is not a walk in the park and can be a painful process. Here we will discuss some of the things that waxing can do to your body and what you should do to take care of your skin and body overall. We will specifically discuss:

  • Waxing wounds
  • Waxing damages to hair bulb
  • Reddish and irritated skin from waxing
  • Bikini waxing and infections
  • Skin burning through waxing
  • Brazilian waxing and vaginal infection
  • Waxing and skin vulnerability

Waxing wounds.

Waxing creates tiny wound in your body for the simple fact that hairs are firmly attached to their roots and they are actually parts of your body so pulling them off with their roots means a small wound is created under the surface.

Waxing damages to hair bulb.

Waxing damages hair bulb as you perform it frequently. Damaging the bulb means the hair grows back with less dense and thinner.

Reddish and irritated skin from waxing.

Waxing will often get your skin reddish and irritated after it is performed. To feel comfortable, you might want to wear baggy comfortable clothes after the procedure. The red skin should go away overnight while the irritation within 24 hours provided you stay away from the sun for a day, avoid hot baths, and use Neosporin on the particularly red areas.

Bikini waxing and infections.

Bikini Waxing can leave you at a risk of infection. Pulling the hairs out of those areas increases the risk that tiny skin tears will get bacteria in them that was never meant to be inside the skin. This can cause surface infections and deeper cellulitis sometimes.

Skin burning through waxing.

Your skin may burn during waxing even though a professional should know how to keep the wax hot enough to work without hurting the skin, burns can still happen. In particular eyebrow, lip, and chin hair waxing are very susceptible to get burned because in those areas people usually wear anti-aging or acne creams that may contain a retinoid.

These creams normally loosen the attachment of the skin cells and cause increased exfoliation. This can facilitate the skin from being peeled off, so it is a good idea to keep all of these in mind before going through a waxing procedure. 

Brazilian waxing and vaginal infection.

Brazilian waxing may get you infected with molluscum contagiosum - which is a viral infection that affects the skin. Although it is a virus that mostly
affects children, adults can also get it. This virus will get you pimple like spots on your vagina. 

waxing kit

Waxing and skin vulnerability.

Waxing will cause the pores to open and leaving your skin vulnerable. So be sure to keep your skin clean and nourished with special post-wax lotions to keep the skin smooth and supple. The GiGi Waxing Kit is particurlarly good for sensitive skin types. Its application aids in the removal of unwanted hair, leaving silky soft skin with no wax residue. 

With that said, take it from the professionals, and those go have gone through a good or bad experience during waxing. Take care of your skin and you should be fine.


Agostinho Neto Joaquim Domingos

  Agostinho Domingos

Founder, CEO, Director


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