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Putting aside that this article is entitled to say how to pick the best women's basketball shoes for endurance training, but the basics of it really allows men to use it as a guide as well. 

Before explaining how best to choose the best men's or women's basketball shoes for endurance training, it is important to know what endurance training is, how you go about doing it, and the type of exercises you will be doing. It is important to know what exercises can be involved in endurance training because depending on whether you are doing some running, walking lunges, lateral lunges, squats, rope jumping etc., if you do not wear the proper shoes or basketball shoes, you could easily hurt your knee, feet, ankle etc. 

With that said, here is what we will cover: 

  • Definition of Endurance Training
  • Types of Exercises for Endurance Training
  • Things To Look For When Selecting Your Basketball Shoe For Endurance Training
  • Selecting Your Basketball Shoes For Endurance Training
  • Inherent Risks and Conclusion

Definition of Endurance Training

Endurance training can be cardiovascular or strength training. Cardiovascular training involves exercising aerobically for long periods of time at a certain level. The objective of cardio training is to improve your fitness and lose fat.

Type of Exercises for Endurance Training

Running, biking and rope jumping can be used in a workout program where you push your body to more intensity every time. Endurance training can lead to stronger lungs and stronger heart. You should however start slowly and work your way up to 30 minutes daily. 

Strength training for endurance includes resistance training exercises with higher repetitions. This will lean and strengthen your muscles mostly. Let's not forget also that endurance training is also good for weight loss management because it burns lots of calories overall and mostly from fat.

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Things To Look For When Selecting Your Basketball Shoe For Endurance Training

Now that you know the types of exercises you could be getting into, it is time to start shopping around for the types of basketball shoes or training shoes in general you should use for yourself. Beware that no single shoe is the perfect one for everyone. That is because all human beings do not have the same type of feet. Some people have bigger toes, wide feet, flat feet, bulky feet etc. So it is imperative to acquire that perfect training pair for yourself. 

For example, flat feet tend to have fallen arches, making them flexible but prone to overpronation - an inward rolling motion. Neutral feet are the most biomechanically sound. High-arched feet (cavus foot) are essentially with very high arc and the excessive weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot.

Selecting Your Basketball Shoes For Endurance Training

Over using shoes may affect the gait and increase the risk of injuries as they start losing their cushioning and stability. The feet, Achilles tendon and shins are the first to suffer but it will often radiate upwards. Every runner has an injury threshold between 10 - 40 miles per week and is important to identify it. Also investing on a new pair of training shoes or basketball shoes after 100 miles would be a wise thing to do.

To ensure best-fitting shoe, it should fit properly from heel to toe. You must look into the following aspects:

  • Heel - It should fit snug, but not tight. There may be some heel movement, but most important it should feel comfortable. 
  • Width - Foot should be able to move side-to-side in the shoe’s forefoot without crossing over the edge of the insole.
  • Length - There should always be a thumb’s width of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe as the feet swell and lengthen over a run.
  • Instep - Shoe’s upper should feel snug and secure around your instep.
  • Flex and Feel - The shoe should bend and crease along the same line the foot flexes. It should complement and support the stride.

 With enough information in your hands now, you can spend some time shopping into our partnered website for different types of men's or women's basketball shoes for endurance training for your best fit. Be sure to read carefully on each shoe description and what people are saying about them so that you can best choose the one that is best for yourself. 

Inherent Risks and Conclusion

Over-training and overuse injuries occur when repetitive stress is placed on the body without sufficient time to repair. Injuries do not erupt from nowhere, but before they happen, you should get many signals like aches, soreness and persist-ant pain etc., so you should pay attention to them. 

There are many potential environmental factors that contribute to the risk of overuse injuries and shoes are the most critical one. Proper training shoes will not only minimize but also prevent these injuries.


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