Your House on The Internet

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Your House on The Internet

You have decided to run and/or place your business on the internet.

You kicked it off by opening a Facebook Profile, followed by a Facebook Business Page. You begin to start publishing content with various posts in written and video format. 

You start to make friends through facebook. You start to join groups that share similar interest to yours.  

People start to know you, and you begin to attract VIEWS and LIKES into your Facebook Business Page. A few months down the road, you have accumulated several thousands VIEWS, LIKES and COMMENTS on your Facebook Business Page. People are raving about you. At this point, people like and trust you. 

You now feel confident that you can run ads to directly target those warm followers with an offer of a product you have selling for $20 a piece. You do it and a snowball effect is on the making. You are now making some dough and selling some 7-8 of your products a day pulling in some $160 per day.  

It's all good.  

You then decide to expand your efforts to other platforms such as Youtube and Tik Tok and say you managed to replicate the same success on those platforms.  

A few thousands followers in each platform and counting! Pretend you got 11,000 followers in Facebook, 14,000 subscribers in Youtube, and 21,500 in Tik Tok. 

You are happy. Say that out of those 46,500 followers, you managed to convert 2,200 of them into paying customers. So no sweat because you still have another 44,300 followers for which you can work with over the next coming weeks, months or years to convert them into paying customers too. 

But God forbid, you mistakenly publish something that violates facebook's policy and they cancel your account. 

The same type of content was placed in Youtube so they noticed it too and they follow a similar approach to facebook and decide to close your account. 

Tik Tok analyzes the situation but decides to only suspend your account for 7 days is owned by Mark Zukerberg. The 11,000 people that LIKED your page did it within Those followers are not really yours per se but Mark's followers. You are just another user of the platform or the facebook website. 

The same can be said about your followers in Youtube and Tik Tok.  

You will never own these followers unless you take a more serious approach to your business.  

Remember, these platforms are other people's websites. The website is their house on the internet. 

Where is your house? Where is your website?

Everytime you gather a follower in these platforms it means the owners of these websites have already collected information from the users that are following you in their platform.  

It means they can contact them anytime they want with an offer.  

That is exactly what Mark Zukerberg is doing everytime he shares any new upcoming developments for his metaverse or whatever. He is warming us all for what is coming in the future so that once he starts to sell his metaverse goggles, we will all just pull out our credit cards to buy it.  

If your access to these platforms are cancelled or suspended, how will you be able to contact your followers? You can't! You lose them instantly because you never really owned those followers. It outright belongs to the owners of the platforms.  

That is why no matter what you do online, always be thinking of ways how you can be in control of your followers. How will you be able to contact them in case of a disaster like this so that your business doesn't die?  

The easiest way I can think of is the classic collection of your followers names and email addresses. Nowadays it is worth also collecting people's phone numbers so that you can touch base with them through apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram as they tend to have higher conversion rates than email. 

The best and most professional way to do this is...through your VERY OWN WEBSITE. You will be seen as a more trustworthy person. 

Collect people's contact information as often as you can. Don't be lost doing everything in other people's house. 

Build your house as well. Use the platforms to help you gain followers but ultimately always try to get them to click-through to your website, your home, and get them to do what you want over there. Own your own user's data as well, and keep it well guarded because we never know the day of tomorrow. 

Worst things come to light, you will still have your user's contact information to keep your business running.  

Keep that in mind at all times.  

It is information like this that we produce for our Ladilsa Hot Club members. In the Content Taboo eBook for example which is available inside the club is where we further expand on how best to use platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok to further increase your following but never forgeting about getting them into your house on the internet.

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