What They Don't Tell You About Setting Up a Sales Funnel Webpage

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What They Don't Tell You About Setting Up a Sales Funnel Webpage

It seems like everyone is raving about it. As long as you have a good running ad with a proper hook, story and offer, people will be getting into your sales funnel page bringing you lots of cash right?

You see most people telling you, well I got $1K in sales today, $2K or even $50K per day.

What they don't tell you is the actual net profit of all those sales. If you sell $1K in products a day, but spend $800 or $850 a day in advertising, how profitable are you really?

Wouldn't it be better to make those same $1K per day but only spend say $400-$500 per day in advertising? Of course it would. Afterall you will be much, much more profitable. But just how do you do it? 

The truth of the matter is that at the current advertising rates in these platforms today like Facebook, Google and others, you could "YES" be pulling in like $1K per day with a good Ad and Sales Funnel in place. But the question you should really be asking is how do you spend less in advertising to pull in some good profits like 50% returns. 

The biggest problem today with all the hype that just with a sales funnel you can make a killing online is that it just wiped out the basic learnings from the good old days. 

A good sales funnel is no good unless you first build rapport online! People need to first feel comfortable about you and your business, and ONLY then will they consider going through your entire funnel and do what you want them to do whether it is to subscribe to your mailing list, download your ebook or puchase a product from you. 

This is extremely important in today's skeptical world. There are just too many scammers online nowadays, and trust me any legitimate and serious person online will not just pull their credit card to buy something out from someone or any company unless they already know them. 

Don't get me wrong. Setting up a sales funnel is absolutely necessary, but expect it to have much better results if you first build that trust online with your prospects. It is only in this way where you will be able to pull in 50% or more Return on Investments (ROI)

The problem is people became impatient. They want everything done yesterday. 

Imagine this: You first spend some time creating a lot of great content online over-delivering on your content. I mean that kind of content that really gets someone to become your fan online and appreciate and thank you for all the useful information you provide. 

Present yourself online first, talk about you, what you do, what you can do for them. Do it in as many platforms as you can. In your website, facebook, instagram etc. 

Make people know you. Once they know you, and like the type of information you provide. Guess what happens?

They will begin to TRUST you. All of a sudden you are no longer a stranger to them. 

Once that happens, once you know you have a select-few number of people who have visited your website, subscribed to your mailing list, LIKED your videos, and commented on your posts or whatever. Then and ONLY then, should you go out to running ads specifically to those people who have already consumed your content online on the various platforms. 

This type of approach brings in much higher return on investments and will save you a lot of lost advertising dollars. 

It makes no sense to spend money to show your stuff to people who have not been segmented and are probably not really going to buy anything from you. 

That is why I always say, build your rapport first by creating content. But then again, don't waste your time on building just any type of content.

On the other article where I talk about Keyword Research (which is what I believe to be the most important aspect on getting the most profit out of any online business)...

No matter what business you are in, it is in that other article that I explain how you can be in for example in the travel business, but unless you do a proper keyword research and analysis on the topic of travel...

...You will just end up building a business that can YES bring you some money, but can it pull in profits in the 50% or higher ROI later in the stage when you start doing advertising?

How much or less money you will end up making will greatly depend on how you setup your business in its early stages. Be lazy or do it wrong, and suffer the consequences later in the game. 

Performing appropriate keyword researches about your business will position you much better in the long-run and set your business on the right direction to greater profits because you will be developing content based on what people actually search for the most online! That is where the profit is so do not take that lightly!

People often overlook this and go straight to just developing content on whatever they think is best or worst yet, go straight into spending their hard earned dollars in advertising. Don't do it! Consider this approach by: 

1st:  Doing appropriate keyword research towards what direction you want to take your business to (as I explain in the KEYWORD RESEARCH article).

2ndBuild content online based on your researched and analysed keywords and tailor them for your business. 

3rd:  Then and only then use the data you have acquired from both to then build rapport online and and later advertise to personnel that have been segmented for your business and consumed your content online. Those will be the people most likely to buy from you and the ones that will skyrocket your ROI above 50%. 

It's the only way and the only way a serious company should be operating to stay in business for the long-run. 

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