A Rule of Thumb on Attracting People To You

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rule of thumb on attracting people to you
rule of thumb on attracting people to you

A Rule of Thumb on Attracting People To You

As a rule of thumb on attracting people to you, there are two (2) ways for which I know how that will skyrocket your business in ways that are unimaginable: 

1stWay is to obviously spend money in advertising to people who are still cold about you or basically people who do not yet know anything about you. So you keep advertising to those cold people, until they become warmer meaning they already know something about you, until they are very hot whereas here they already know you very well and are raving fans of you that can buy something for you if you offer (if you did a good job). 

2ndIs by building something that I like to call an army of content about you and your brand across the internet in multiple platforms

rule of thumb on attracting people to you

Now both ways work very well. But then again, I am the type of person that likes to analyse everything very well from the beginning to ensure that at the end of the day, when we run the numbers, I end up saving more and having higher profits. That is why, no matter what anyone, tells you, I always first go for:

A) Keyword Research - That is the priority before you do anything online. You can decide not to do that, and just go ahead and create content that comes to your mind, but....

B) The reason I want to perform keyword research is so that I then end up creating the types of content and topics that people actually search for. I like to research these types of topics before creating anything and then with an even further analysis, I can tuned it to only those topics that are not yet saturated, meaning there isn't too many people or websites writing or talking about it on the internet. This kind of approach increases my profitability to higher levels once I actually offer something for sale to the people who see my stuff because there aren't yet too many people doing it.   

Doing research is always better than just, taking a guess on whatever comes to your mind, on what it is exactly that people are looking for on the internet. 

Now I do not want to go too much in detail about keyword research because I already have another article/video that talks about it right here.

rule of thumb on attracting people to you

Now, let's go back on the 2 ways I was talking about:

1)Advertising to a cold audience 

2)Creating vast amounts of content as a result of what comes out from your keyword research. 

Let's take a look and compare them both:

1)Advertising to cold audience - If you look at the facebook platform for example, and you decide to take this route, I do not care what anyone tells you, but the truth is that you have to spend quite a bit of money advertising to cold people. This is because you will have to accumulate enough personnel in your advertising bucket otherwise these platforms will just not run your ads. 

Let me give you an example: Facebook requires 500-1000 people who have seen, let's say, 25% of any video content you have published, before your ad actually runs so that you can retarget to those people. 

Remember...those 500-1000 people are already warmed up with content about you, and it is just a matter of you retargeting back to them with a few more bits of content, before they become a hot audience by way of trusting you. 

The problem is that if you decide to just spend money advertising to cold audiences to fill the bucket until it reaches 500 to 1000 people, you could be spending a lot of money! 

And at today's rate, you cannot be expected to just spend $1 a day advertising to cold audiences to fill the bucket with enough people so that you are then able to retarget to them. In order to get those number added quickly, a more reasonable amount will probably be like $20 spent on a daily basis on ads. 

If you do the math, you end up spending $600 per month advertising to a cold audiences, who have not even become a warm audience yet, and you never know if they will ever turn into a hot audience where they are more likely to buy a product or service from you. 

What if I tell you that this $600 could be better spent else where, so that when you actually come back to a platform like facebook, you are really just then spending money in advertising to ONLY those warmer and even hotter audiences. 

Well, that is what brings me to my...

2)Second point which is you are much, much better off first creating an army of content on the internet through various platforms before you even think of spending money in advertising. At first, to set this strategy up, which I am about to tell you, might seem to be too much work, and just not worth it. 

However, once setup, the end result will STILL be a lot of people consuming your content online for free for forever.

That's right! Forever! This strategy I am about to tell you...it's challenging. 

It requires a lot of planning and work. You will need to hire some people, but you will still end up spending less than advertising to cold audiences, and the end result (which is really where I am trying to get to here) will be you having way higher profits into your pockets. 

The concept I am talking about here is really nothing new. But the problem is people just don't do it. 

It is something I like to call the WriteShoot Formula

What the WriteShoot Formula really means is that you will start off by developing 4 pieces of content.

You will write 3 pieces of content, and then you will shoot or record a 12-15 minute video. 

Then what you will do is you will cut and edit this 12-15 minute video to produce another 7 pieces of shorter videos of that main video. 

So essentially, you will end up with 3 pieces of written content, and 8 videos. So in total you will have 11 pieces of content which you will then (like I was saying before), you will send it out or post it in several different plaforms across the internet and by that is what I mean you are creating an army of your content everywhere. 

At the end of the day these 11 pieces of content will essentially be similar because 10 of them will derived from the main content that you develop every day

That main content is basically where you will write a full-blown article about a specific topic which you have already done your homework of keyword researching and everything, and then all of the rest of the content will take from that main one. 

For example, the other 2 pieces of content you will write, one of them will be a much shorter version of the article, and the other will be just like a quote or a sentence that you take from the main article. 

Then, the 12-15 minute video is really just a video version of that main article, and the other shorter 7 videos will just be a cut and edit of that main video. So the WriteShoot Formula is basically a series of written material and recorded videos that you will take them all and scatter them all over the internet, starting with the main article being the focal point above anything else. 

That main article needs to be in your house. And where is your House of the internet? Well, your house is nothing less than your very own website. You need to have one if you are ever going to be considered a serious business person on the internet.  

Because everything else that you will post elsewhere on the internet will and should pinpoint back to your main website. We always have to remember that other people's websites will always remain other people's website. They belong to someone else, and you never want to be held in a position where if you are banned from posting on that website or worse yet if that website ceases to exist, you will also end up with no business if you do not have your own home on the intenet. 

Anyway, more on your Home on The Internet and how powerful and why you should have it, is further discussed in this other article/video if you want to take a look at it. 

So as I was saying, you need to be producing these 11 pieces of content every single day, and that is the reason, I said before you need to hire people to help you do that. And believe it or not, you can find people on the internet to help you accomplish all of that for much less than spending $600 a month in advertising initially. 

You only need 3 people to accomplish all that per day. The first person is obviously you, the main creator. You will need to write the main article and record the main video. Then you will have one person be the video editor who will produce the other 7 videos from the main video. Finally the 3rd person is someone who will be the person distributing this content in the masses in multiple platforms making it all visible. 

The greatest thing about this approach, is that YES, it takes a lot of work, but the beauty of it is that this is all content that will be out there everywhere for free forever. It is not like cold advertising where if you stop paying, then the content stops to be visible. 

This is the approach you should take with cold audiences. Be smart. Save money. Increase your profits and only spend money on advertising on those people who have consumed your content (warmed and hot audiences). 

As a matter of fact, if you do this very well, before you even think of spending money in advertising, you should be able to have a lot of content out there producing some sales for you if you are selling a product or service. 

I know some people say, that as long as I spend $4 in advertising, and get back $10, you should keep doing it because you are not loosing any money. 

However things all of a sudden start to become more interesting if you spend $2 and get back that same $10. Your returns are way bigger.

It may not sound too good because I am talking on small numbers but when the numbers start to grow in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, it really becomes much more attractive and you will be making way more money than someone who just starts out spending their money on cold audiences in advertising.  

That's why the WriteShoot Formula is good, and in the Content Taboo which is available for our Ladilsa Hot Club members, we go into much more in depth on how to write the main article and record the one main video and producing 7 other videos out of it without having to record any other videos. 

Please check us out in the club for more details. 

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